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    General Dynamics Growlers

    I am not sure where they saw service but they first came into use around 2009.
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    2009 General Dynamics M1161 ITV-LSV 4x4 Growler

    Thank You, I have tried to get at least some info from Navistar Defense, so far unsuccessfully. Even a picture up close of a Growler starter would help me a lot since I don't even have anything to compare to the starters used on other MWM Sprint applications.
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    2009 General Dynamics M1161 ITV-LSV 4x4 Growler

    Hey I know I might be a couple months late, but if you still own one of these Cutch, would you by any chance be able to see who built the starter for the Growler. We have one that is missing the starter and I have no way of finding one or even finding a part number or who made it. Any help in...
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