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    The mythical CUCV 4L80E swap

    Mine started popping into neutral after the swap (didn't before swap). It ended up being the linkage out of adjustment.
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    Receiver Hitch Mount

    I installed a draw Tite 41938 and regret it. The 2x2 to tubing where ball & pin slides in is very loose. It rattles constantly and drives me nuts!
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    Vortec 5.7 4L80E Swap in M1008

    Very nice! I would of used either a Holley Sniper of Fitech if I didn't need the original computer for the 4l80. I'm pulling about the same RPM as you with the 4l80, 4.56's and 235/85/16's so I don't think you would gain much. I just didn't want to try and do carrier swaps for the 60 and 14...
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    Vortec 5.7 4L80E Swap in M1008

    I wanted to make a thread describing my recent swap into my CUCV. I bought my M1008 about 2 years ago off GSA. Initially, I was going to just use the axles for my 1970 shortbox, however after driving the truck around for a bit, I liked it and decided to save it. Living in Western Washington the...
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    The mythical CUCV 4L80E swap

    Thank you for sharing all the info about your swap and the reply about the VSS. I'm excited to get the swap going!
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    The mythical CUCV 4L80E swap

    My 6.2 is about to give up so I bought a 96 Surburban K2500 with a vortec 350 and 4L80e that I plan to swap in my M1008. I plan on using a painless harness and want to use the np208 transfer case (since the 32 spline passenger drop 241's are so hard to find). What is the best way to get the...
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