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    Oil Pressure?

    How much oil pressure should the 6.2 and 6.5 have? I've noticed gauge readings on GP range for 15 psi to 60 psi. I suppose the gauges could be inaccurate as well.
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    EUC question

    As I understand it from reading GovPlanet, I can't apply for an EUC until I purchase a vehicle. Is it possible to apply for an EUC before a purchase has been made, to speed up the process?
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    6.5 W/ Over Drive vs 6.2 W/ 3 Speed

    Is MPG the reason to opt for the 6.5 with OD? Or is it maximum mile per hour? What is mpg in 6.5 vs 6.2? I've seen the 6.5's for auction. They seem to be asking a premium price for them vs the 6.2.
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    Humvee Gear Swap

    I haven't bought a Humvee yet. I think they come with 4:56 gears. Is it possible to replace them with 4:30, 4:10 etc gears? Is the truck so heavy that it really needs 4:56? I plan to use it as a work truck nut a mud bogger. It seems a gear swap would be a big improvement. I know there is...
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