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    Voltmeter click?

    Normally there's a click when the voltmeter gets up to proper voltage. I know it's not the voltmeter clicking, but I don't know what causes the click. I'm posting because today the click was stuttering and often. Every time breaking or turning. Seems like a loose wire or connection, but I...
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    Intermittent wait light problem (stays on a long time and won't start)

    Most times the wait light and glow plugs work flawlessly. A couple of times this week the wait light stayed on over a minute and when I turned the key the engine did not start. I tried a again and it took about a minute for the light to go off and the engine still would not turn over. Third...
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    M1009 rear axle seal replacement

    I came out to find this today: I ordered new seals and bearings for both sides, as well as the pinion seal based on some advice I saw in a search here. I replaced the diff fluid a while back so I'm kicking myself for not doing this then, but I did not think of it because I'm only a novice...
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    Oil leak

    I have had a minor leak that was between the bell housing and the oil pan for a while now. I thought it was the rear main, but after dropping the oil pan I think it was just the oil pan seal. I've never replaced the rear main before. Should I just go for it since I have it open this far or...
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    Rookie rear main seal replacement

    I have never done one before and have been working up my confidence to get it done by reading up in the TM and on here. I hope to get it done this week, and I think I have a handle on it except for one part in the TM that's confusing. I took a photo and underlined the text I'm confused by...
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    M1009 Fan clutch question

    How stiff is the fan clutch supposed to be? If spin it by hand when cold it stops almost immediately. Is that normal operation? I could not find any information on this here or online. Thanks for your help.
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    Bonehead mistake

    Hey guys. I was having a nice morning working on the truck replacing the transmission filter which seemed simple enough. All was going well until I misread the TM torque for the bolt that holds the filter as ft/lbs instead of in/lbs and sheared off the bolt. I tried a reverse twist bit to get...
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    Coolant leak

    Hey guys, I noticed a puddle this morning, and the coolant was a little low. After filling the resivoir and driving on a short trip there was a steady drip that develped and is visible on the harmonic balancer. I put a bucket under and left for the day, and when I checked later the drip...
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    Best guesses at a restored m1009's value in 2018 and beyond

    I can see myself getting carried away with improvements, and I'm having a hard time finding the value of a restored m1009 that is rust free. Anyone have an idea of a price range for something like that. I don't intend on selling anytime soon, but I don't want to throw too much money down a...
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    Cold weather and no start.

    Batteries at 12.35V It's about 28 degrees out. Nothing at all when I turn the key after the wait light. This shows on the dash: I plugged the heater in a couple hours ago and nothing changed. Any advice?
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    Gen 2 Light not lighting upon startup

    Hi all and I hope you are having an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend. The weather here is warm for this time of year so its nice to get out and work on the truck. I read through what I could find on various gen 2 posts here, but I have not found the solution to my problem of the gen 2 light...
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    Heat works, but gets only slightly warm

    Should I flush the heater core or replace the thermostat? Is there another possible problem?
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    6.2 vs 6.5 tug of war

    Not sure if you guys had seen this or not: Not my video, but it's good for a laugh.
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    Used motor oil as undercoating

    Does anyone do this? It seems like a good idea. I have very little rust now, and want to keep the cancer away.
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    M1009 exhaust smell in the cab

    At first I thought it was "just an old diesel truck thing" when I took it home a month or so ago. Went on a half hour drive with the wife and she said the fumes bothered her and she got a headache. There was oil all over the engine compartment that I thought could be getting hot and smoking so...
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    Top removal idea

    I am thinking of installing a custom cargo rack and then using an electric winch inside the garage to lift the top off with. Is lifting the top off by the cargo rack a bad idea? I was thinking of using 6 mounting points with plates on the inside and outside bolted together to attach the rack...
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    M1009 starting question

    This morning I tried to start and got nothing. The lights worked, but there was no sound at all when I turned the key. No starter and no clicking. Would that be a loose wire somewhere or a bad starter relay? Later in the day when it was warm it started right up. That made me wonder if it is...
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    M1009 Horn not working

    This is my first post, so let start by saying thank you to everyone that has put info on this site to make it such a great resource. A few weeks back I purchased a M1009, and I have been driving it to get to know it and swapping out consumables. Thanks to the training manuals on this site I...
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