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    Trouble: Parking Brake Assembly Removal

    ​Any ideas why part #4 will not come out of my M1026? It rotates easily but can't get it to move a fraction. Acts like it is threaded.
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    Transfer Case Overhaul Date ?

    Rolling around under my 88' M1026, I discovered this overhaul tag. Obviously the place was Fort Polk but what would be the date as stamped "222"? Thanks for your help. M
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    Help Finding This Part

    Can I get some direction on where to find the bracket the hood wiring harness mounts to? Part # 12338633 (NSN # 5340012510754).
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    What Are These Parts?

    Can’t find the parts in a TM. Leaking pretty bad, need to know what their called to get new. Any one now what TM? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    M-1026 Oil Leak At This Part

    Sorry for being the new guy and still learning to maneuver the TM's. My 88' M-1026 6.2L has an oil leak puddling at the base of this part. Not too bad but like to fix it. Can't tell if it's at the base or the fitting in the middle. Is there a common failure here? I hate to replace good parts. Mike
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    Army or Marine M-1026 ?

    I bought this 1026 in December and just love it! Is there any way to know what branch of service it was in? My goal is to get it as close as possible to the way it served. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    M1026 with 1/2 tank of fuel acted like it was empty?

    My 6.2 had 1/2 tank of fuel and died the garage. Wouldn't start. I added 5 gallons from the jerry can, a lot peddle action and ran perfect. I would like to hear your thoughts, what should I look out for or any testing? I have owned 3-months and never acted like this. Mike
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    X-Door Window Seals

    Does anyone know where I can find X-Door window seals? I’ve found the glass on eBay but no seals. Lost a couple of pieces this past winter driving around and glass is loose.
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    RT-524 Radios

    Have a model 1026 with minor turret leakage. Are RT-524 radios (top & front) water resistant? Also, I’ve read these radios don’t transmit. Is this accurate? Thanks from the new guy...
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    Wheel Alignment

    Anyone have a suggestion on a thorough wheel alignment in St. Louis? Have a 1988 M-1026. Driver side front has negative camber and some toe-in.
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