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    M1010 box on a M1008

    Hello all. I have the opportunity to purchase a m1010 roller...well sort of. The cab is rotten, axles are gone, & the drivetrain has already been removed. It would come with half ton axles to make it movable. I currently have two d30s... one of which is a clean m1008a1 that was painted...
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    Brainstorming a Gen Trailer build > mep003a/m101a2

    Hello all, I have the opportunity to purchase a MEP-003a & I think it's exactly what I am looking for... simple mechanical diesel genset! I am actually considering snagging two because the price is reasonable. My initial idea is to mount one inside my m101a2 trailer. I love the idea of...
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    Snagged a 2nd M1009

    Hello, I am relatively new to this forum but I have read hundreds of posts in my quest for information! I joined a few months back when I bought a pretty rough '84 M1009 that had electrical issues. I worked on troubleshooting it some & plan on looking at it again this spring. I grew...
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    Newly aquired m1009...wiring issues

    Hello, I recently purchased a M1009 & have begun tracing wires & reading Technical Manuals. The previous owner only had the truck for a few months. He claims that the starter 'was acting up' so he replaced it. It hasn't ran since. There are 2 wires which were clearly burnt up near the...
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    New to the site...Eastern Nebraska

    Hello all... I am in the process of buying my first MV. It's a 84 M1009. The vehicle is in ok shape. The plan is to fix her up & drive it! I picked the vehicle up for a fairly low cost because it currently won't start...I had looked at this exact same rig earlier this year but didn't make...
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