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  1. harleyhouse

    Lowering the Bar on a 1102

    This was posted over on Expedition Portal: thought I would share what others have done to make thier 1101 and 1102 trailers more civilian friendly.The owner of a M1102 trailer cut the bows nd lowered them to Tow vehicle height and then had the local Canvas shop sew the lower edge of the cover...
  2. harleyhouse

    The 2013 Harleyhouse M101A2 Christmas float

    The Harley family used our trusty M101A2 for yet another Oakmont Christmas Parade. The theme of the parade this year was A Storybook Christmas. Our float was The Elf On The Shelf. My youngest stepped in as Elf. A simple and fast design was used this year a backdrop that dropped into the stake...
  3. harleyhouse

    Nice 116A2

    Found this trailer on The local ads and thought it was a nice design for a M116A2 The owner kept the trailer as is but added expanded metal sides. It makes the trailer more useful for hauling things and works great to haul his quad. I am partial to the color too, It would fit well in my motor...
  4. harleyhouse

    War Birds and a Bantam trailer

    Cool story about a custom carrier Pigeon trailer.
  5. harleyhouse

    M101A1 build ideas and extras

    On the other trailer site I frequent there is a member KLMORE that rebuilt a M101A1 for a camping and hunting toter. It has turned out great and he has some good ideas to make the trailers more useful. His build :
  6. harleyhouse

    Useing My M101A2 and M116A2 in the 2012 Oakmont Christmas Parade

    Our town had it's 2012 Light up night this past Saturday November 17th The Harley family builds a float for the parade and this year we wanted to spread the word about Operation Christmas Child We called them and asked if we could use their logo on the truck and distribute flyers to people...
  7. harleyhouse


    I found these pictures when I did a M416A1 search on the web Listed on the G838 website and dated Feb 28 2012 Stacked in a warehouse in the Netherlands. I could make alot of people happy with those.
  8. harleyhouse

    A great ad.

    The Saturday Evening Post ad from 1952.
  9. harleyhouse

    Borrowed Utility trailer

    A friend took this picture in Texas this morning. I guess he just needed to borrow the trailer to get bushes at the Home Depot.
  10. harleyhouse

    Going price for a stabilizer leg?

    What is the going price on a like new rear stabilizer leg off a M101A2? With hanger and the spin out foot works smooth. OD in color with new hardware? Thanks!
  11. harleyhouse

    Camping in a 416

    I found these pictures on anouther trailer site and thought they were interesting. The owner built a camper top on his M416 and matched it to his civilian jeep. Not a true military version but cool just the same. And it is removable too.
  12. harleyhouse

    New trailer maker to start production in Ohio.

    Manley ORV company in Ohio is starting production of a small military look trailer. They can be ordered in three styles. They look close to the Bantam and M416 trailers. With the originals getting harder to find in restorable condition This could be the next best thing. I think they will do...
  13. harleyhouse

    Info on these trailers

    I found pictures of these two military trailers on a google search. They appear to be the back half of an early ford delivery van. Any idea what they were used for and if any others survived? They would make great camping trailers.
  14. harleyhouse

    Too cool not to show.

    This trailer is the inspiration to my 101A2 build. I have seen many pictures on the web of it's build now the owner is selling it. Thought some might be interested in how he converted a 105 into a cool camping trailer. It is listed on ebay this week. Don't know where to start. Had an idea...
  15. harleyhouse

    What trailer is it?

    This trailer is listed on the Pittsburgh CL This is the description: Heavy duty U.S. Army trailer with dual wheels (3/4 ton); 4 military tires - all in good shape; This trailer has a wood bed (approx. 6'x8') with attached side rails (approx. 2'). The bed can easily be removed and...
  16. harleyhouse

    Helicopter support trailer?

    Tell me about this trailer, I saw it for sale a month ago on ebay and now the new owner posted it on It is listed as a helicopter support trailer, looks like a custom box on a 116A2 frame. Chime in and post what you know.
  17. harleyhouse

    M105 Too big? think again

    This blog is posted on Expedition Portal by member Texas TT. I thought it was too cool to keep from my fellow SS members. He bought a "frankenstined" M105 and rebuilt it into a great Little trailer for behind his toyota FJ. I think he did a great job. I will now look at the 105's in a...
  18. harleyhouse

    HMMVW camper

    Saw these while scanning the world wide web. Hummer camper and tracked job are interesting the other two are too cool to pass up!
  19. harleyhouse

    Just bought a 2W,M116A2 generator trailer

    Well I guess I have the green disease, I bought my second trailer. I won an offer on Ebay and now need to go get it. I was looking for anouther M116 frame to build from and now I have it. Any info on this model would be helpful. harleyhouse "Off to HF to get some magnetic trailer lights for...
  20. harleyhouse

    Bantan Jeep fest Butler Pa. 2012

    2012 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival | The Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival is a tribute event for the father of all jeeps, the history behind it, the people who created it, and it's birthplace, Butler, Pennsylvania.
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