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    M35A2 no fuel at injectors

    Well, I pulled the injection head off. It was easier than I thought. The hardest thing to do was to pull the fan blade little by little whikle my son watched for the red mark on the gear. And low and behold that button was off. How that spring type washer came off is beyond me. So I was...
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    M35A2 no fuel at injectors

    I gave it a whiff of starting fluid this morning and it started for a couple of seconds. Still no fuel at the injetors. I gave it a second whiff and still no fuel. Should I pull the injection head? If that button fell off the end of the plunger will the plunger still move up and down? What...
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    M35A2 no fuel at injectors

    I took off the fender to get a better view and not work all cramped up. The lever does more freely toward the firewall and snap back to the 7 o'clock position. I had my son once again turn the lever on and push the starter. I see the gear with the read mark whirl around. I even held the...
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    M35A2 no fuel at injectors

    Well, I parked my M35A2 a couple or maybe three years ago. I wanted to get it started other day. So, I put in a set of batteries and turned on the switch and hit the starter button. Usually after sitting a few months it cranks for about 15 seconds and then starts. This time nothing. No...
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    air brake conversion

    Why are you wasting your time with wedge brakes? Commercial trucks stop using those years ago. You should us "S" cam brakes. Someone had a conversion kit. I think it was Memphis Equipmement. Here is the link,
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    WTH, Found a tank today.

    You know, anyone can go by and check it out and bring back more pictures. 707 E. Georgia Ave Ruston, LA 71270 Looks like an abandoned junk yard to me. Latrine Commander
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    GL loadout damage

    Loading trucks with forklifts The driver should tell them how he would like to have it loaded. It was my understanding that they are not suppose to help. That was for liability reasons. Some locations feel they are doing you a favor getting it on your trailer at any expense. Back in the...
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    Winch lever

    Twisted Shaft Chances are your shaft is twisted. That lever is way to big for the shaft. The shaft is necked down after it passes the plate. The notch is to keep the shaft from moving in and out. I have taken apart several winches and found the shaft twisted at that point. People like to...
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    800 series air cleaner cans wanted

    I am in the need for a couple or three 800 series air cleaner cans. They can be complete or just the lids or just the back half. Let me know what you have and if you are coming to Tower park, CA in April even better. I am also looking for a level wind for 5 ton winch a front axle drive line...
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    Tank Heater Generator

    RE: another pic Yeah, I have one just like that. I was told it was from an M60. The fuel tank for it is elsewhere on the tank. It is for charging the batteries if they get too low I guess. 24 volts DC. John
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    Inner seal on brake drum help! M812

    Seal installation of 5 ton seals Yes, the seals are on the drum on the 5 ton. There is a "speedi sleeve" type wiper on the spindle. They are different than the 2.5 ton. The 2.5 ton seal is on the spindle and rides on the edge of the bearing race. This is the only thing I have seen do this...
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    M35 wheel cylinder

    Rebuild kits Kenny, Do the ones that you buy from NAPA have the pistons? The ones that I found only came with the cups and caps on the ends. I found that by going to a good truck brake shop you can buy a box of the cups a lot cheaper. If the pistons are scored, it is usally from rust and...
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    Re: RE: M819 You will need both inner booms from the M819 and use those to replace the inner boom on the M62. The M189 has a swivel motor rather than the two rams that the M62 uses to swivel with. I would try to replace the whole thing from the deck up. The M819 lacks the storage boxes...
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    Mule for Sale in NorCal

    Dieselsmoke, That mule ain't no diesel. Heck it ain't even gas. It has no motor. Find me a inexpensive M818 or M813 that I can convert to a tractor for recovery. I need somthing to pull the M172. I have the M819 but has no rear winch. I need to put that $100 yard art winch setup from...
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    WWII Schramm towable model 105

    Does anyone have any info on a WWII 2 axle Schramm model 105 towable air compressor? It has a 4 cylinder Buda gas engine. Thanks, John
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    Registering Diesel trucks in CA

    I have found some more info from the Air Resource Board.
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    Registering Diesel trucks in CA

    Has anyone tried to registering a 2.5 or 5 ton in bought from GL, GSA, Forest Service, or county recently and only got a form 97? I was at a county auction today and was told all the IH 10 yard dump trucks with DT466's sold there could not be registered. They has their sn's sent to DMV to be...
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    Brake line question

    Brake Lines Make sure you use a double flare on the ends of the lines. I have benders by imperial, ridgid and swagelock (sp?). Steel line is hard to bend. Copper fuel line is a piece of cake. By having the right bender, it eliminates the kinks and make the job look professional (nice smooth...
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    Farm Tractors in Military Service

    RE: tractors They used the Cletracs. Also, used Caterpillers D4 7J series for sure. As I have a couple that have OD paint on them. I have seen a D8 (can't remember which series that was military). They are suppose to have a pintle hitch on the rear instead of the standard swinging drawbar...
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    sf97 form body style

    What ever your DMV has that is similiar. There is no CARGO BODY in dmv's world. All mine are FB for flat bed. A CHP suggested a MPV. I had told him about puttin gdown the trrop seats and carry people back there. He said with a MPV you could do it. It was like the Suburu's (sp?) They had...
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