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  1. frank8003

    Is "start a conversation" same as "Private message?"

    ThankYou gringeltaube. This thing is set up quasi for the telephones which I don't understand. I thought an Application was an Application but it is now and APP. I the guy that got slammed mercisely for naming a computer as an puter. I still lost in what a Commador 64 could...
  2. frank8003

    Is "start a conversation" same as "Private message?"

    maybe it was better when "private Message" was up top in the regular working bar up-top. There was a way to send an e-mail too. My problem is that I can NOT seem to contact those that say they wanted free stuff. They state they want it in the Pay it Forward ad but then I never hear back again...
  3. frank8003

    Is "start a conversation" same as "Private message?"

    I put a pay it forward ad 02272020, ACKCARUS replied He wants it, so I sent a "start a conversation." I think I sent him a message 04022020, No reply ever that I can find. I made notes in that "pay it forward" listing. CHIEFSONN replied 04242020 so I sent Him a "start a conversation" and again...
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