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    Title issues in Arkansas with HMMWVs

    Yup. That's right about reciprocity. So if your state outlaws Humvees, an out-of-state owner could legally drive his Humvee in your state, but a tax-paying citizen voter cannot. That dog don't hunt. One more item to consider. If you have a valid US state title, any other US state should...
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    Title issues in Arkansas with HMMWVs

    donkren, As I've written before, state's control registration of motor vehicles. They do this according to that state's laws, because that's what they're authorized to do. If a state imposes a restriction through it's laws, then that DMV has the authority to deny registration. Yes, the...
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    Title issues in Arkansas with HMMWVs

    TJ, Email sent with the MIL-STD-1180B and Wis. DOA Case# TR-11-0016. Please let me know if you have trouble receiving it. Paul
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