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  1. Andyrv6av8r

    Hmmwv fan clutch leak

    As stated above, disconnected QD fitting, dropped the end down and changed it underneath
  2. Andyrv6av8r

    New style fan clutch

    I had a friend of mine machine a plate that bolted to the old fan and had new holes for the clutch. No welding needed.
  3. Andyrv6av8r

    M923A2 CTIS Problem

    That's exactly what I suggested in post #228.
  4. Andyrv6av8r

    CTIS troubleshooting

    Sweet! Sometimes the simple fixes work out.
  5. Andyrv6av8r

    Breaking news.... a new FMTV parts supplier.... well sorta

    One of the best guys I've ever dealt with for parts.
  6. Andyrv6av8r

    CTIS troubleshooting

    Jump out the pressure switch on your wet tank first.
  7. Andyrv6av8r

    M923A2 CTIS Problem

    That's normal in my experience. Tires heat up on the road, pressure increases and it deflates to normal pressure upon startup. Give it a minute to situate itself.
  8. Andyrv6av8r

    Is an EGT gauge needed?

    What is the best way to check that the switch is working?
  9. Andyrv6av8r

    Is an EGT gauge needed?

    Am I correct in saying that hash mark on the pump to the passenger side of cover mark is "retarded, not advanced"?
  10. Andyrv6av8r

    Is an EGT gauge needed?

    So I had my injection pump overhauled a while back by Diesel Care and Performance out of Tenessee and the HMMWV ran great ever since. A friend and I were talking about timing the pump so I decided to check mine. When I removed it to be sent out I had marked it's location and installed it in the...
  11. Andyrv6av8r

    A1 Series Brush Guard

    Here's a couple of pictures of my brackets I had to cut and reweld.
  12. Andyrv6av8r

    A1 Series Brush Guard

    I had to modify the brackets to put mine on my 1045A2. I don't know if it was an A1 or not.
  13. Andyrv6av8r

    Clutch fan leaking?

    Mine was leaking at the female QD fitting. This fixed it.
  14. Andyrv6av8r

    installing a batt. disconnect switch

    I have mine on the positive cable, 24 volt side. Zero problems in over a year. I've done it in every military truck I have owned for 10 years.
  15. Andyrv6av8r

    M998 Top mounted Fan

    You have other issues. An auxiliary fan won't fix it. My 1045A2 never ran hot but the fan came on alot. 210 on, 195 off without fail. I decided to try an auxiliary electric fan and it kept the stock fan from coming on as quick and often. But it won't replace the factory one or make it run cooler.
  16. Andyrv6av8r

    Wrong replacement engine fan...

    You are correct on them updating the clutch also. The newer one has studs and nuts instead of bolts.
  17. Andyrv6av8r

    Wrong replacement engine fan...

    The hub is aluminum not plastic. The newer, replacement unit is a solid design. No rubber, no slip built in. As you look in the manual, it tells you to replace the old one with the newer design.
  18. Andyrv6av8r

    HMMWV Mods and Improvements

    Do you have enough voltage to energize the relay? Try a jumper wire over the relay contacts or hook the battery wires up like original.
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