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  1. cwc

    M998 Starter installation

    Have you tried just lifting it into place? Once you get the front stud in the bracket then the weight is a lot easier to manage while you get the first rear bolt in. It's good to have everything laid out in orderly fashion and good lighting. I like to have a long screwdriver in reach in case the...
  2. cwc


    I would not try to figure out 7 vs 10k but take measurements and get boots to match. I described this in the thread "CV boot on HMMWV" along with info on the the EMPI/NAPA selection. Since posting in that thread I have put on several more NAPA boots including one that was silicone. Seemed like a...
  3. cwc

    Hmmwv serial # / year of manufacture list

    In many states the registration process is "computerised" and demands a 17-digit VIN. Typically someone in the department has authority to do an "override", but some states will issue a special VIN, or add digits (zeroes or whatever) to make it longer. The system of 17-digit VINs is intended to...
  4. cwc

    Validating M998 temperature gauge

    When using a spot laser thermometer the field of view should also be taken into consideration. The field of view can be much larger than suggested by the "dot". They are great for things like racecar tires, where the target is simple and consistent and you just want a quick number. For something...
  5. cwc

    Weepy injection pump

    Thanks Wire Fox and Hummermark, greatly appreciate the info! Sent from my E6910 using Tapatalk
  6. cwc

    Weepy injection pump

    Hi Wirefox, thanks for confirming it is possible to change the advance piston seal with the pump in place. I am looking at doing it since I have one dripping here. Do you happen to recall what you took off for access, Intake manifold, coolant crossover or other? It looks like you would have...
  7. cwc

    Newbie Needs Advice on HMMWV

    The air intake hose is visible in pictures 60 and 71 - it is tucked behind the coolant tank. The light and turn signal switches are also present, which is a plus. And the 24 bolt wheels and tires with decent tread - won't know until you see them if they have cracks or how old they are... Sent...
  8. cwc

    Newbie Needs Advice on HMMWV

    NDT, good point about the Melton rebuild possibly being a GM block rather than a GEP. I have a Melton rebuild here from a M1045A2 from Albany; it is a GEP block but also overbored to the max. Sent from my E6910 using Tapatalk
  9. cwc

    Napa 6tl batteries

    I have had a draw in the lighting circuit before, which went away by disconnecting the main light switch. If I recall correctly (been a few years) it was the switch itself that had a short or something in it. Sent from my E6910 using Tapatalk
  10. cwc

    Harbor Freight Safety Recall

    I like the mention of redundancy in the video. I keep blocks of wood in various sizes in the shop for this purpose. I had something come down once and the drop was effectively instantaneous; I no longer have the thought that there will be time to react, there won't be. I really like my HF...
  11. cwc

    Any ideas on getting the 1 3/16th nuts off body bushing bolt

    I like a 3" cutoff wheel in an air driver, same setup as a Dremel cutoff wheel but a lot faster if it fits. Can you make a cut most of the way through like in this picture? It mechanically relaxes the nut and delivers penetrant to all the threads. I like to use cheap tools (HF) to make...
  12. cwc

    autozone CV half shafts

    Summit also has a listing for Hummer axles, and lists the manufacturer part number (e.g. NCV82074 and NCV82075). A search of the part number might locate sources with some in stock. I have not used these, so this is not an endorsement, just information. Sent from my E6910 using Tapatalk
  13. cwc

    Cooling issue: "overcooling"

    The fan clutches vary in the amount of drag present. The M998 I am driving currently has a fair bit of drag so the fan is spinning pretty good even when disengaged, and it takes a hill or driving over 60mph to make the fan cycle. Sent from my E6910 using Tapatalk
  14. cwc

    What is supposed to go there?

    Google image search suggests the wiring harness passes through that area and used some of the holes, also throttle cable, etc. Sent from my E6910 using Tapatalk
  15. cwc


    Search "axle" and they should come up. Sent from my E6910 using Tapatalk
  16. cwc

    Half shaft broke

    If the bolts that broke were M10.9, then your torque wrench may be somewhat out of calibration. For 57 ft-lbs to have yielded and broken these bolts, the nut factor would have to be down around 0.10, which corresponds to something like a moly lube. If the bolts are plated with certain coatings...
  17. cwc

    Half shaft broke

    Are you using a lubricant on the threads? Sent from my E6910 using Tapatalk
  18. cwc

    Way Ahead for Kansans to on road title MV stamped Off Road Use

    When you say regarding AM General that "they are doing it", that sounds like a current (present tense) activity. Is there a recent letter from AM General "to every state" and is a copy available? Regarding the federal government, does "they now [emphasis added] state that they have no say or...
  19. cwc

    Where to buy electric components to fix M998/HMMWV PCB boxes?

    There is some information on functionality in patent applications. See thread titled "PCB circuit diagram of KDS controller" Sent from my E6910 using Tapatalk
  20. cwc

    Resurfacing Cylinder Head or Not To

    The machine shop should be able to "CC" the heads and determine the chamber sizes. The new head could be cut to match the used one. Sent from my E6910 using Tapatalk
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