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  1. Andyrv6av8r

    Is an EGT gauge needed?

    So I had my injection pump overhauled a while back by Diesel Care and Performance out of Tenessee and the HMMWV ran great ever since. A friend and I were talking about timing the pump so I decided to check mine. When I removed it to be sent out I had marked it's location and installed it in the...
  2. Andyrv6av8r

    Received 2 gold nuggets for my M1078 today...

    Ever since I got the truck over 3 years ago I have had an issue with door latches. Not anymore! Suprman, you are awesome!
  3. Andyrv6av8r

    HMMWV Mods and Improvements

    Anyone interested in a thread with pictures of mods and improvements that they have made on their trucks? Someone may see something that they like and be able to contact that individual about getting info and fabricating it for their truck. I've had guys ask about a couple that I did and am...
  4. Andyrv6av8r

    A2 Serpentine idler bearing

    I've got a 6.5, A2 engine with the serpentine belt that , on startup, has a squeal from one of the idler pulley bearings. Does anyone have a part number for the bearing? I'd like to press in a new one rather than replace the entire pulley.
  5. Andyrv6av8r

    Do all 6.5's have a valley drain?

    With the injection pump and intake off of my 6.5, I wanted to clear the valley drain that obviously stopped up and ruined my pump. But I can't locate it at the back of the valley. Looking at the left rear of the engine near the bellhousing/transmission, I found about a 1/4" hole I assumed was...
  6. Andyrv6av8r

    Injector line removal tool?

    When pulling the injection pump, is there a special wrench/tool for removing the lower fuel lines with the pump in place? Or do you have to remove the pump with the lines still attached? 6.5 engine.
  7. Andyrv6av8r

    Engine temperature scan

    Where is the most accurate place to scan the engine area with a thermal temperature gun to compare to the temperature gauge? Thermostat housing? Radiator hose?
  8. Andyrv6av8r

    Need help with tachometer install

    I'm having problems getting a tachometer to work on my 1045A2. It has the 200 amp alternator and I'm hooking up the signal wire to the AC post, yet getting no movement on the needle. I have the same exact tachometer on my LMTV and it works fine when installed there, so the tachometer is good...
  9. Andyrv6av8r

    LMTV starter question

    Does anyone know if this aftermarket starter will work on the M1078? I have emailed the company and included a photo of my engine data plate but haven't received a reply. Thanks.
  10. Andyrv6av8r

    Is an Engine Speed sensor necessary?

    Is an Engine Speed sensor necessary? Answer in post 56. I have an issue with my 1997 1078 that I can't figure out. About a month ago, I started on a drive in the 1078 and the transmission stayed in 2nd gear before I went 15 feet with the 7 disappearing from the left side of the shift pad. I...
  11. Andyrv6av8r

    LMTV self cancelling turn signal adjustment

    Coachgeo wanted me to show how to adjust the turn signal on the LMTV/FMTV so here is a quick tutorial. It's very simple to do as all you need is a phillips screwdriver and a 4mm allen wrench. First you must have your steering wheel clocked/adjusted in the 3 and 9 position otherwise the notch...
  12. Andyrv6av8r

    Pickup at Lockbourne,Ohio

    Anyone able to pickup 2 pallets and hold until we can work out shipping?
  13. Andyrv6av8r

    Anyone near Albany,GA for a pickup?

    Anyone live near Albany, GA that can pick up a generator and hang on to it until I figure out a way to get it?
  14. Andyrv6av8r

    Auxillary electric fan possible?

    After driving the LMTV's for a while and noticing how annoying the fan on-off cycle rate is on these trucks, has anyone thought of the possibility of installing an electric fan on the radiator? Not a replacement for the stock one but an electric one that runs constantly to keep air moving...
  15. Andyrv6av8r

    A few mods done to my 1078

    A few mods done to my 1078, * More Added* Here's a few mods I did to the LMTV. I hope you may get some ideas for your projects from them First was a keyed switch. I do this to all of my trucks, mainly for 2 reasons. First is I always drive with my lights on and don't like forgetting to turn...
  16. Andyrv6av8r

    Looking for 1078 Sway Bar Bushings

    Anybody have a replacement part for the rear sway bar bushings on a 1078? Eastern shows them but it says "Call for price" Ouch!
  17. Andyrv6av8r

    I got Wall-E the LMTV painted

    I sprayed the underside Wednesday, outside Green Friday and the Black and Brown yesterday. It came out very well and many thanks to TruckGuy(Keith) for the assistance with the camo patterns. I plan to have it in our yearly Christmas parade next Sunday for our church group. I used 4 gallons of...
  18. Andyrv6av8r

    I installed keyless door locks on the 932

    After wanting to try this for some time, I finally got it accomplished this weekend. I contemplated installing it several ways but this seemed to work just fine and wasn't too much trouble. I ordered a 4 door central lock kit remote control conversion from Amazon and 2 barrel bolt locks. Around...
  19. Andyrv6av8r

    I moved my toolbox

    After putting the short bed on the 932A2, I really missed the toolbox that was originally mounted on the passenger end of the tire carrier. So I came up with the idea to " hide " it inside the bed. I was originally just going to mount it centered below the headache rack but came up with a better...
  20. Andyrv6av8r

    395/85R20's on a 419

    Anyone mounted these tires on their 419? If so, did you use the factory wheels?
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