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    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by SECO

    In. Thank you SECO.
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    Fisher Minute Mount Push Plates info

    You’re in luck that one of the largest Fisher dealers in New England is right down the road. Call Iroquois in Hinesburg, they can tell you.
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    Looking for a M1009 Blazer

    What are your standards? You said rust free but that’s a tough call. I ask because there’s a slim chance my wife would sell hers, and we are in Vermont. It’s not what I’d call rusty but there’s a few tiny spots here and there that haven’t been treated yet.
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    1986 CUCV M1009 Decade after being wrecked.

    Rick, words can’t express how that’s a work of art and how your passion is obvious. May the (lucky) new owner enjoy it for many years to come!
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    Please help me to detect wires

    Well, where do they lead to? Edit to add: went out and looked at my truck. Not sure which side is “left” as you describe. Forgive my level of knowledge being well below many on this site, but I see similar wires for what I believe are the temperature sensor and electric choke thingamajig on the...
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    1986 CUCV M1009 Decade after being wrecked.

    I really appreciate the stripped down photos. I save them as guides for myself so I can tell what some details “should” be, and correct them as needed, as I slowly restore my wife’s M1009.
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    M1009 rust repair

    For what it’s worth... Not sure of your level of skill or access to skilled persons such as Rick. I don’t know how to weld and don’t know anyone who does. And my wife certainly wouldn’t approve of spending the money to hire someone when I could learn a repair myself. When it came time to...
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    Snowed In - Running on MEP003A

    I had a similar reaction some of the above when I opened this thread...we received just shy of two feet of snow yesterday here, it’s about five below zero now, and life continues completely normal and uninterrupted. Only thing unusual was one local restaurant closing for lunch yesterday.
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    CUCVs from Old MA State Auctions

    Not sure how to title this properly to get attention as the data I have could apply to many different interests. Ownership history, etc. I used to attend most of the MA state surplus auctions, circa 1998-2007. There were many M880 and M100X series trucks sold. Today I stumbled upon some of the...
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    My CUCV plow is a Fisher Speedcaster, but I believe I know the pins you speak of... Looking here: ...near where the number 178 is seen, there are three holes on each side of the A-Frame. You want the...
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    1986 CUCV M1009 Decade after being wrecked.

    Rick, with this particular thread, and all the work I do on my wife’s M1009, that’s the understatement of the year! Much appreciated!
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    Military vehicle. radio group

    Some may scoff at this, but it perfectly explains some things I am aware of. This has nothing to do with my job, rather as an amateur radio operator who's been around someone who used to do DF work for the FCC and some changes he mentioned.
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Very well-said!!!
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    Testing 1,2,3...

    Testing to see how my profile appears. EDIT: Goal achieved, thank you, please delete :)
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    Drivers side seatbelt?

    Heat ‘er up and then go to town with the cheater bar.
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    1993 M998 Antenna Mount Identification?

    The frequencies that the antenna would be resonant at are known as VHF low band. There are not many services remaining there in use overall. You may find some remnants of fire/EMS paging, emergency management, or utility companies. It’s not likely that you could use the antenna for monitoring...
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    Bmp-1 Manuals

    True, that would work. I found that the older the Russian/Warsaw Pact armor, the more sensitive it was to having the throttle adjusted just perfectly for staying alive at idle. Probably less so on a well-maintained vehicle with a good fuel system.
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    Bmp-1 Manuals

    All: I’ve located my information! Stand by while I enter it... OK, here is the starting procedure for the Russian BMP, and ID of some items: Last caged switch on right side of instrument panel is the master switch; turn on. Fuel shutoff lever is on floor to the lower right of the commander’s...
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    Bmp-1 Manuals

    I’m on a mobile device that oddly doesn’t display images. I don’t recall how the Czech and Russian vehicles differ but I believe the switch is caged with a little piece of metal over it. Far left or far right. I can’t be 100 sure but that’s a good guess.
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