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  1. Derrickl112

    WTB Tandemloc container lifting sling

    I'm looking for a complete Tandemloc container lifting sling kit.
  2. Derrickl112

    MI M1074 PLS Crane

  3. Derrickl112

    MI LRT-110 7.5 ton crane

  4. Derrickl112

    MI Hannay hydraulic reel

  5. Derrickl112

    MI Miscellaneous MV Crap

  6. Derrickl112

    MI Parting out M35a2

  7. Derrickl112

    MI Parting out multifuel 5 ton

    More pictures.
  8. Derrickl112

    MI Parting out multifuel 5 ton

    More pictures.
  9. Derrickl112

    MI Parting out multifuel 5 ton

    Multifuel 5 ton Cab, top, and complete front clip $500 Transfer case $500 Front axle $1200 Front springs/bobber kit $400 LDS w/power steering pump, trans, PTO, PTO accessory drive and parts LDS. Runs good, new oil and oil filters. Radiator has a leak as indicated by the red straw. $2500
  10. Derrickl112

    M1088A1 CAT C7 starter went out in Ann Arbor, MI - already towed to safety.

    A little late, but I have a towbar just south of ann arbor.
  11. Derrickl112

    MI Parting out M35a2

    Seized LDT
  12. Derrickl112

    MI LRT-110 7.5 ton crane

    LRT-110 7.5 ton crane. 300 hours. $15,000
  13. Derrickl112

    Airborne Engineer Equipment

    What is the value of an unrestored scraper?
  14. Derrickl112

    MI 4x4 M35a3 w/Air Suspension

    4x4 M35a3 with reman transmission and air suspension. $15,000
  15. Derrickl112

    LMTV LED Marker Lights upgrade?

    holland cp-730
  16. Derrickl112

    MI Miscellaneous MV Crap

    Towing lights Original Mil light bar $200 each shipped Add $200 if you want a new cable Homemade light bar w/50ft cable $350 each shipped Magnetic tow lights $150 shipped
  17. Derrickl112

    MI Miscellaneous MV Crap

    6 composite brake lights 2 metal brake lights 5 composite turn signals 1 metal blackout light 10 metal clearance lights 1 clearance light lens No idea if they work $250 shipped
  18. Derrickl112

    MI Miscellaneous MV Crap

    From the M939 era - Axle boot Mirrors (needs new glass) Brake chamber pancakes Fuel tank gaskets Tow cable shackles $75 shipped
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