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  1. Derrickl112

    WTB Tandemloc container lifting sling

    I'm looking for a complete Tandemloc container lifting sling kit.
  2. Derrickl112

    MI Parting out multifuel 5 ton

    Multifuel 5 ton Cab, top, and complete front clip $500 Transfer case $500 Front axle $1200 Front springs/bobber kit $400 LDS w/power steering pump, trans, PTO, PTO accessory drive and parts LDS. Runs good, new oil and oil filters. Radiator has a leak as indicated by the red straw. $2500
  3. Derrickl112

    MI LRT-110 7.5 ton crane

    LRT-110 7.5 ton crane. 300 hours. $15,000
  4. Derrickl112

    MI 4x4 M35a3 w/Air Suspension

    4x4 M35a3 with reman transmission and air suspension. $15,000
  5. Derrickl112

    MI Miscellaneous MV Crap

    This thread will be dedicated to selling all the miscellaneous MV parts I have accumulated and no longer need. The parts in each post will be sold as a lot only. I will not sell individual pieces from each lot unless specified otherwise. I will be updating this thread over the next few days as...
  6. Derrickl112

    MI Parting out M35a2

    PM ONLY Items you must arrange your own shipping for: Seized LDT engine w/ turbo and all accessories(No radiator) $400 Front suspension bobber kit $300 ea (Springs, perches, U bolt plate, shock mounts. No shocks or U bolts) M35a3 rear ctis axle $400 M35a2 front axle $1200 ea Rusty cab w/...
  7. Derrickl112

    MI Hannay hydraulic reel

    Hannay dual hose retractable reel. 20’ of 1/2” hose. $300 obo Buyer is responsible for arranging freight.
  8. Derrickl112

    MI M1074 PLS Crane

    Includes remote and cable. $4000 No tire kickers. I can load flatbed trucks/trailers.
  9. Derrickl112

    Need truck painted - Michigan

    I would like to have my Freightliner FL80 painted back to its original military green color. (not sure the exact shade just yet) Is there anyone here who is near me and can do it? I'm hoping to have it done before September.
  10. Derrickl112

    M1074 crane mount pictures?

    Does anyone have close up pictures of the crane mounts on a m1074 PLS? Dimensions of everything would be a plus as I plan to replicate them. #10 and #11
  11. Derrickl112

    Help me choose a hydraulic pump

    I have a m1074 PLS crane that I am getting ready to mount on my ex Navy FL80. I have already determined that I will use a honda GX690 (22hp) engine to power the crane. Now I have to decide what pump to use. I have a NOS pump from a FMTV lying around, rated at 2938 PSI, and 22.5 GPM, at 2400 RPM...
  12. Derrickl112

    TM for USN freightliner FL80?

    Do any public manuals exist for the USN 6x6 FL80's? They do not have a M number.
  13. Derrickl112

    Need Trailer Towed from VT to MI

    I am considering purchasing a trailer in Vermont and would like to know if anyone would be able to tow it back to Michigan? It's a pintle trailer a little over 20' long, probably weighs around 10,000 pounds and has air brakes.
  14. Derrickl112

    Winch remote indentification?

    I bought this remote thinking I could possibly adapt it to control my fmtv winch. It looks like it uses the same joystick as the HEMTT/FMTV Grove crane remotes. Does anyone know what its original application is? Doesn't anyone know where I can find the cable for it? The knob is not original to...
  15. Derrickl112

    1 1/2 Towbar feet with 1 3/4 gap?

    I have a pair of 1 1/2" pin diameter shackle mounts I am thinking about adding to my m931 in place of the existing mounts. The only issue is they are 1 3/4" thick and the Towbar feet I have are only wide enough for shackle mounts that are 1 1/2" thick. So my question is, do Towbar feet for the...
  16. Derrickl112

    m916a1 Fifth Wheel Dimensions

    Can anyone with a m916a1 provide the dimensions shown in the picture? I am looking into the possibility of having a trailer made for my 5 tons and would like to know if it will also work for a m916, if I can ever get my hands on one. The fifth wheel would of course have to be swapped out for a...
  17. Derrickl112

    What did I fry?

    The issue has been resolved. Thanks "SSG Gibb"
  18. Derrickl112

    Longer ether spray nozzles?

    Does anyone know of a company/store/website that sells longer ether nozzles? The only ones I can find are on ebay, and are 1" long. I am asking because I would like to insert a Tee fitting between the intake and the nozzle so I can add a boost gauge without drilling any extra holes.
  19. Derrickl112

    M871a3 for sale?

    I am wondering if anyone has seen any of the m871a3's that sold on GL a while back pop up for resale anywhere?
  20. Derrickl112

    My home made towing lights.

    I thought I would post a few pictures of my HOME MADE towing lights. It is home made by me (with the help of a local fab shop) using all new parts, and is complete with a 50' cable. Everything works on it including the blackout lights. The pictures are of my light bar (tan) compared to an...
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