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    M923 Recovery Adventure

    Glad you made it home. Fortune favors the bold (or something like that) In my case I hope fortune favors the bald...
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    Essential Tool Kit for a Recovery

    Now that's something I'm going to try
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    conversion of 4 batteries to 2?

    Did mine using diagram found on here Somewhere. O'Reillys had what I wanted (950 cca). Look for and find the diagram here on SS. Its super easy, cheaper that OEM, and has worked great for me.
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    Essential Tool Kit for a Recovery

    Cribbing!!! Good catch. I have a 24"x24"x4.5" base for my Jack's and 2 each 4x4x18 and 24, and 2 each 6x6x18 and 24. All stays on the truck. Bug juice and checking for critters is wise. Got a long stick and still bang it around like a crazy man inside and out before hitting the road...
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    Essential Tool Kit for a Recovery

    38mm fits lug nuts. HF has them fairly cheap. Belts and hoses would be a good addition to my list.
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    Essential Tool Kit for a Recovery

    What's on my M923A1 and M1078 Toilet paper Zip ties 550 cord 100mph tape Fuses Hose clamps Ether Crow bar Slave cables and adaptors Big hammer Siphon hose Extra fluids and water Tow bar Light set Good spare on rim + 1 tire 38 mm socket 20 v earthquake impact wrench (hf) Chok blocks 20 ton Jack...
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    Essential Tool Kit for a Recovery

    Will look at my pile-O-stuff in my M923A1 and let you know what I have. Probably tomorrow. It's what I assembled for a 1100 mile solo trip, desert, mountain range, etc. It isn't all I wanted and I was lucky. Was solo. With no support network and limited mechanical skills. Stand by
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    Essential Tool Kit for a Recovery

    What are you going to pick up? How far are you going to move it? Route (INTESTATE, BACKROADS)? Flat, mountains, desert? Solo Trip or with friends? Do you have a help network (CAN YOU CALL FOR ASSISTANCE)? List will depend upon vehicle especially, for example tow bar, slave cables, lug...
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    FNG from North Texas

    Welcome from Missouri!!! Come on down.
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    NHC 250 Inj Pump fuel leak

    You did have to pull the pump, right? Did mine by pulling the pump. Way beyond my skills and tools. Got -r - done. Haven't blown up or caught on fire.
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    Hello Guys

    Welcome from Missouri brother. How's the MV scene across the pond?
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    Truck names - whats yours?

    Nice pic nasty, what is it?
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    Slave Connector Battery Charger

    I use solar to power my home entirely. I use the wattage panels listed to power different things. Trying to figure out a way to put a solar battery tender on my m1078 and m923a1.
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    Slave Connector Battery Charger

    I have 1,15,25, and 325
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    Eastern Missouri Member New to MV's

    I have one. M923A1
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    Eastern Missouri Member New to MV's

    Welcome from Roby MO. No deuce in my yard yet. Maybe soon. What kind of man don't have a deuce?
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    Slave Connector Battery Charger

    I need one that is solar powered.
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    M20A1B1 Bazooka Question

    ba ZOO ka. Means cool in 27 languages.
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