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    LYNX KF41: Enough money and you got the best ?

    ex reserve VT55
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    My OT-64

    it its important as has been said that you select your gear then hit the gear change pedal then select the next higher gear and hit the pedal as you need it and so on up to top gear ,then select the gear under top as you will only be coming down the gears ,one thing I could never get an answer...
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    My OT-64

    hello there I had a OT64 several years ago that I brought into Ireland from Czech , before I sold it a decision that I regret ,on gear change exactly the same as a Ferret ,the OT64 has a sequential gear change (I have a MK1 Ferret as well ) the OT64 is great fun to drive but the one thing I...
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    BRDM 2 Purchasing & Engine Conversion
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    OT-90 Road Wheel Source

    I got one sent from Czech years ago ,I will see if I can find the supplier
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    Brdm 2 cost
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    Buying a BRDM 2 This is one of these adds where you know from the off that the seller thinks his vehicle will command top dollar/euro " price on application serious buyers only "
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    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group for sale in Holland
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    Buying a BRDM 2 this is for sale in Czech expensive even by Check prices €26000 odd ?
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    Secret for driving a BRDM-2?

    is that in first ? maybe try going into 2nd and slab it back into 1st ?
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    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group for auction in Holland
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    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    [ for sale in Holland QUOTE="kombisutra, post: 1586470, member: 57800"] Kermit gettin' some! That -looks- a little precarious there, but I'm sure you had that program down long before you attempted moving that heavy...
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    Need Advice for BRDM-2 Importation

    Fancy a Fug OT 65 currently living in Ireland ?
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    Secret for driving a BRDM-2?

    double clutch all the time maybe let the gearbox oil warm up a bit before driving off ,most or nearly all go a bit better is let warm up first (OT90 VT55 ) ?
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    Gaz 66

    the Polish Army has a locally produced vehicle very similar call a Star 66 ? o
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    Gaz 66

    hello there have a look at this website its UK based I had a Gaz66 for a few years really great truck but God awful gear change set ,literally a go anywhere truck
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    European Member List

    Robin33BA07 Clegarrow A83D456
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    Bmp Track

    might I suggest that you go onto a Czech website and maybe ask there ,it will also give you access to other Czech military surplus sites ,the Czechs some times are hung up on export licences but you never know who you might encounter on the net .
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    What radio is fitted to a T 55 ? this is a thread I have copied from a UK site HMVF , in the reply is a link to a US Army produced T 55 operating manual ,I hope it will be useful to someone ?
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    Bmp fuel leak

    I have a diagram of the complete fuel system ,my problem is how to upload it to here ?
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