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  1. charlietango

    Canadian 5/4's hanging out

    For those of you who want to see something a little different, here's two models of the pre-CUCV 5/4s that Canada used. These are both 1976, gasoline 350 with the Chevrolet AWD transfer cases (Hi and Hi-Loc/ Low and Low-Loc). Front one is mine rear one is a friend of mine named Rob Love...
  2. charlietango

    Movie work

    Been busy doing movie work in the special effects department, and also with my green machines again. Watch for this scene in the new thriller 'Break My Heart 1000 Times' Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. charlietango

    Snow storm. M925 is pining

    The little brother was having all the fun while the big brother was wishing someone would let him play in the snow.... We went from no snow to all of it in two days. Had some digging out to do in my yard! Stay frosty friends, merry Christmas Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. charlietango

    M925 low air warning wonky

    Sometimes the low air warning lights work, sometimes they don't. The audible sound always works though, however sometimes I can hear it faint while driving down the road...I stop pull the Ebrake and let it off - sound is gone. then I can hear it sneaking back on ever so quietly. Any one have...
  5. charlietango

    1976 Canadian 5/4 ton - New acquisition

    Hey guys, The fleet is still growing slowly. This is one of the Canadian pattern simply called the 5/4 (nicknamed "fivequad") commercial pattern vehicle. It's a 1976, has a gas 350 in it and the AWD system Chev had back in the day. Enjoy
  6. charlietango

    New recovery, M1008

    found this diamond in the rough and just had to get it. The frame is still painted and has grease pencil marks on it still. BY FAR one of the cleanest CUCV's I personally have ever seen. Front right fender has a slight crease but everything else is straight as an arrow. Doors were obviously...
  7. charlietango

    New buy - Armstrong MT-500EC

    Just found a rare bird. A Canadian Armstrong (who sold out to Harley Davidson) MT-500 electric start. The brits used these a lot but none of theirs had electric start. I have serial number 0069. I will post photo's up later. Has a ROTAX engine lol. In the mean time I posted a stock...
  8. charlietango

    Fabrication and Installation of Stowage Rack for Truck, 2-1/2 Ton, MLVW (Canadian M35

    Lots of guys looking for the Canadian M35 roof rack assembly, well someone using this manual can make them. (Note the longer hood latch due to the hood striking the basket and not opening as far)
  9. charlietango

    Canada - Prairies - (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)

    Welcome ladds, My name is Davin MacRae from Winnipeg I currently have an m1009, iltis, and an M35A2 with a CDN trailer. 204-781-2875 Feel free to give me a shout with questions, finds, needs etc..
  10. charlietango

    MacRae's Fleet

    '74 M35A2C '85 M1009 CUCV '85 ILTIS (Bombardier Canadian) Enjoy
  11. charlietango

    Truck-lite LED headlights - Photos

    Well I couldn't resist. :beer:
  12. charlietango

    Canadian MLVW wheels

    Canadian MLVW wheels on M35A2C Arrived today! cant wait to put them on. Ordered 7. 6 of them arrived perfect with 90-95% tread as promised. #7 was zero air pressure, off its bead and half the tread as the others. Emailed the seller asking for an explanation. Cant wait to put them on...
  13. charlietango

    April 2004, M109A3 the story

    Have yet to tell this story to anyone other than my friends and family. You guys will appreciate it. (sorry for the links the photo's were mostly too big to upload) April 20, 2004 Transport rolls in from US VIA Estevan Saskatchewan to Neepawa Manitoba with one Tan 1968 M109A3...
  14. charlietango

    anyone make the movies? Chevrolet CUCV M-1009 in movies and TV series that is my M1009 in the movie Blue State starring Anna Paquin. They stuck a light bar on the roof to make it a Military Police unit... or thats what their thought was anyways.. Thats her in my truck
  15. charlietango

    12.00 on stock deuce rim - photo needed

    does anyone have a photo of a deuce with 12.00 (45") tires on stock deuce rims. I know it is do-able I am just pondering a few things before I choose which direction to go....
  16. charlietango

    my service shop is fired.

    So I was having an issue with my brake lights not working unless I jammed the pedal down REALLY hard. So I thought to myself "maybe the brake fluid is low and the fluid actuated switch is not getting the proper amount of fluid to... actuate?" So while it was in getting its annual safety...
  17. charlietango

    fuel leak, engine knock

    I have what appears to be fuel leaking from the injector lines from the injector pump connections. There is also quite a bad engine knock. could this all be related? (I changed my filters recently for the record.) One of my lines broke at the IP driving down the street one day (the flange...
  18. charlietango

    M1009 gun truck

    M1009 gun truck/ rack photo's added Pictures from our latest MILSIM op. so far it is make shift (had to get it done fast). Found a donor civi top at the scrap yard for $30. Will be "up armoring" it this winter and have more pictures up.
  19. charlietango

    fuel issues

    when the truck heats up over some driving time it does a wierd bog down thing where the RPMs refuse to climb over 1800 or so. during this time there seems to be some fuel leakage on or around the fuel sprays on the inner wheel well ..... if ilet the truck sit for 15mins it usually...
  20. charlietango

    Clutch pedal was stiff now pushes with pinky

    Well I have a 68 M109A3 setup and it was driving OK when I got it. It had all the tell tale signs of a typical deuce when I got it IE blowing oil out of the bellhousing breather, slipping clutch after 200KM when you dump the clutch otherwise fine, shakes rattles and rolls like all the MLVW's I...
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