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  1. 68t you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    When I was in south Korea, This CH47 was flying to low with a sling load. the load hit a mountain side and pull the 47 from the sky, No one was killed
  2. 68t

    50BMG M2 Trunion

    try this they got what you need
  3. 68t

    MV of the Month September 2020

    here is the artillery, and the halftrack.
  4. 68t

    Hello from Michigan

    welcome to the forum, and thanks for your service, This is the place to be. I did live in westland MI. also been in the sand dunes, alone the lake, a fun place.
  5. 68t

    G506 identification

    Try G503 forum, They got a section on G506 and cckw
  6. 68t

    halftrack back from an outing

    Looking nice, thanks for the pictures, I got to paint my halftracks this spring , they looking old and get the 50 cal mounted
  7. 68t

    M60 repair

    The third guy was name smith. This unit was the 155th,They served in Iraq 2004 to 2006 under the ( marine expeditionary force)
  8. 68t

    M60 repair

    I would like to be helping with the tank. Picture was made in budel Holland, 84 reforger
  9. 68t

    OH-58C static build

    Welcome. Well it sure looks great. Glad to see someone fixing one up. Part are hard to find, but that is the fun of a resto, I like to take junk and make some out of it.Have you been in army aviation. My last 15 years with the army was crewchief on hueys , blackhawks and 58delta...
  10. 68t

    New Member

    Well, your site has a lot of great pictures, But did not find where to join, I got three halftracks, 3 m4A1 high speed tractors, A M2 high speed tractor, A ww2 5 ton tractor trailer and other military items. I am retired army with the last 15 years in the sky and a happy man.:D...
  11. 68t


    Welcome Howard, I did live in Gary and valpo.Indiana back in old days
  12. 68t

    My 30 Cal 1919 Replica

    I glad I bought my two 30 cal. and 50cal. with cradels years back. Also halftrack parts. price is madness nowdays.
  13. 68t

    “Rifle” mounts....

    Thanks Wishing you a happy and safe labor day too, I did live in portage and Chesterton, Is the pine tap bar still there, Also drink a lot of rolling rock beer, I was at the nike base back in the days. PM sent :-P
  14. 68t

    M16 Halftrack joins the family

    Mark send me a PM , when you got time, about the m16a2. I am still having fun too. :D
  15. 68t

    M16 Halftrack joins the family

    Looks great, I started out with what was left of halftracks. but it took a lot of work to do a resto and fun too. Your a halftrackman now.
  16. 68t

    Arkansas MVPA Rally swap meet 2 0 - 22 september 2018

    We went there a few years back, and sure had a good time. I was in the Memphis MV club back them. I will send you a PM
  17. 68t

    New from the Netherlands

    Welcome from Tennessee. I was in budel 1983 with ours tanks.
  18. 68t

    WC 52 What engine do I have?

    Well its a great looking wc52 so keep up the good work. Also try g503 website there a lot of ww2 mv folks over there too. I have found a lot of ww2 parts on both these websites. I got three halftracks and other ww2 vehicles and stuff.:driver:
  19. 68t

    R985 radial engine Pratt Whitney

    Tupelo veteran museum has a b29 engine, they have a picture on there website
  20. 68t

    M38A1 Dutch army jeep

    Looks great, I got three m38a1 but needs resto. Also try g503 website a lot of jeep folks over there too.:beer:
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