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    Mep-803a performance - power outage.

    I still use 5gal cans here to fill my sets, filled from a 300gal storage tank of off road diesel. Whenever that tank is filled, (usually when down 100gals) I add 1qt ATF and a container of Power Service anti gel treatment. My diesel gets rotated at least one a year as I also use it in an on...
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    MEP 803A won’t start - high temp warning light

    As highlighted above.......this the great reason why having a paper manual (or at least some excerpts) ready at hand is a very good thing to have. Glad you got the set going.
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    Mep 804b motor running bad and frequency swinging.

    Man, that sounds Mechanically ROUGH!! I would not run it again either until I tore it down and found out what is loose and or about to break catastrophically.
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    MEP-805A - CR-1 Diode and Resistor Part numbers and supply sources!

    No, BUT, The idea of connecting the positive first when installing and removing the negative first when removing is to lessen the potential short circuit hazard if a wrench or other tool accidently is dropped or comes in contact with the case of the generator. If you connect the positive...
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    Does anyone use black diesel?

    Reasons why I don't. I don't have a sufficient source of used motor oil. I don't have a still to distill it. I don't have the time to dedicate to making it in any quantity even if I had the stuff to do it. Not cost effective YET. Farm diesel and road diesel are still available and still...
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    Replacement temperature gage for MEP-802 and MEP-803 sets.

    This is the circuit I'm going to try to calibrate the reading on the gage. Although the diagram shows 12v, I'm confident that it will work for a24v system also. How to Correct an Over-Reading Temperature Gauge | Skill Shack | Skill Shack
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    Replacement temperature gage for MEP-802 and MEP-803 sets.

    Received my 947886 gage and installed it. Warmed up the MEP-803a to 140 degrees on the gage then engaged the load @ 240vac on the set meter @ about 80% load. The set warmed up further and stabilized. The temp gage is reading about 2 needle widths above the 200 degree mark on the gage and no...
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    Replacement temperature gage for MEP-802 and MEP-803 sets.

    No,not being sold by me, just information on a find. I have no pecuniary interest in this. (y)
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    Replacement temperature gage for MEP-802 and MEP-803 sets.

    Beede 947886 John Deere Caterpillar Automotive Water Temperature Gauge | eBay
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    Can I run 12 volt LED's from a single battery on my MEP802?

    Amazon.com : 24v 194 bulb Plenty to choose from here. If I were going to replace them, I would go with the LEDs. Brighter, whiter light and no filament to subject to vibration.
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    Can I run 12 volt LED's from a single battery on my MEP802?

    Put a 500 ohm 5 watt resistor in series with the + of each 12v light and use a 24v input. Tapping between batteries for 12v will work but is not a great idea as posted above. I would also check the operating voltage range of the lights.....most will operate from 10v to 30v +-
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    MEP802 on the House. What's going on here...

    An electric motor cannot tell the difference between being under voltage or "mechanically over loaded". If motors are running slow, they are under voltaged and the line voltage should be verified by an accurate meter, not the meter on the generator.
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    New to me MEP-803A with a charred ground

    I think those are the small ones and the picture is just a close up. I use to use those frequently doing mobile radio installations and building power supplies.
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    MEP Generator Output Waveforms and THD

    This^^^^^^^^^^^ all the way.
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    802 had a substantial fuel leak

    Blow out any suspected areas with compressed air and leave the doors open on the cabinet for a couple of days. Everything should evaporate. Clean any electrical connections with electronic cleaner that might have been contaminated, blow dry. Oh, and fix the leaking line before starting it...
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    First GovPlanet purchase and questions (MEP-803A)

    The one I used was a MU55358 and I think they were about 6 or 7 dollars when I purchased them.......now about double that as with everything else in the world.
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    First GovPlanet purchase and questions (MEP-803A)

    Change out the thermostat just as a matter of course. They are cheap and will save a lot of future headaches. The only thing that will keep an MEP803a from coming up to operating temp in any reasonable time is a thermostat that is stuck open, not allowing the coolant to stay in the block long...
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    MEP-80XA fuel solenoid

    Corrosion in this plug is common. Glad you found the problem. Might make a note in your TM as to the situation you had and the remedy for future reference.
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    MEP-002A Exhaust Question plus Machine Resurrection

    If the positive cable goes to the starter, a flag terminal probably works better for stacking the wires on the stud.
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