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  1. doghead

    Not mine, posting for another member

    Posted in the CUCV forum for, Jason lost in PV
  2. doghead

    Not mine, posting for another member

    Good day. I have an 85 m1008 that is mechanically sound but I can't drive it because I'm having electrical issues. I can work on the mechanical but when it comes to electrical, I'm at a total loss. This truck had a few engine mounts gone and a fuel issue but that is all repaired. the truck...
  3. doghead

    Bobbed axle placement

  4. doghead

    24v inline fuel pump

    I used a digital volt meter to determine which hole of the plug was positive or negative. Yes, I did use a bullet connector and simply inserted it into the original plug.
  5. doghead

    Ether system troubleshooting

    You want to release the ether into the engine while it is cranking over.
  6. doghead

    Ether system troubleshooting

    As I said, the only time ether is released into the engine intake is after you release the button. In your post, you do not mention releasing the button.
  7. doghead

    Ether system troubleshooting

    How are you operating it? I’m not familiar with FMTVs but assuming they use the same system as most diesels you need to hold the button, let it “load” then it releases the measured shot of ether when you release the button.
  8. doghead

    Stripped pto gear in spicer 3053 again! Now what

    Are you 100% sure that the gear lash was set properly, before these failures?
  9. doghead

    Fitting size?

    Look up the part number in the parts technical manual. Then look it up on Parttarget, for all the specifications.
  10. doghead

    Shutting Down M817 Question

    If there was only a book with the basic operating instructions….
  11. doghead

    Wood chassis/frame shims

  12. doghead

    Glow Plug Resistors

    Unless you intend to use the nato slave cable to start your truck in combat conditions with at least one dead battery, you’ll be fine without them.
  13. doghead

    Whale oil

    . BUMP, for those that missed this one. Merry Christmas!
  14. doghead

    Service lights do not illuminate in the Brake light position

    Oop, accidentally deleted my reply. at least it’s quoted above by you.
  15. doghead

    No reading on main battery

    And those crafty Euro’s also have been known to refer to it as “earth”. Earth, common, ground, negative…
  16. doghead

    Charging Issues

    I think you may be confused. The drivers side alternator does require a ground wire.
  17. doghead

    Replace in-tank pump with external solid state pump

    Do a site search for Airtex E8131. I’ve been running one for years, no issues. Many many others are too.
  18. doghead

    Replace in-tank pump with external solid state pump

    Not sure why that is your choice but many of us have used this with great results. https://www.amazon.com/Airtex-E8131-Universal-Electric-Fuel/dp/B0027I1N0Y
  19. doghead

    24v inline fuel pump

    I took a look at it today. It looks like my pump is 1/4” npt (Male). I used an adaptor on each end, that goes to compression fitting. I cut the original copper fuel line and inserted the whole pump and adaptor assembly into the section I cut out. It’s still working perfectly.
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