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  1. 1954 COE

    May 2017 MV of the Month Nominations

    1980 Tacom 5 ton Prototype Finally got it done.
  2. 1954 COE

    Winch mounting plates

    Great fabrication!
  3. 1954 COE

    How deep can a LMTV go...

    Was the for sale sign an after thought I wonder?
  4. 1954 COE

    Eyecon Light Set installed on LWS Gun Ring

    As always Albert, masterful fabrication on your part. Excellent!
  5. 1954 COE

    5 Ton HET

    Excellent purpose built ride. Great fabrication and engineering.
  6. 1954 COE

    Steel Soldiers Better Than AAA

    Amen. Couldn't ask for a better pair of brothers than these two above.
  7. 1954 COE

    "How to get a HET in life..." - M1070 Acquisition thread

    What a great country! Where else could you buy a million dollars of green army toys for pennies on the dollar! The envy of all far and wide. Thanks.
  8. 1954 COE

    Wrecker wishlist of mods

    That is an awesome front bumper counterweight and rear lift modification. Is that your design? How much weight did it add to the bumper? Do you have any build pictures of the rear lift mount? Thanks,
  9. 1954 COE

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    What a neat treat for all the kids. Beats the heck out of a Buick!
  10. 1954 COE

    Willys MB Won't Start

    Carnac, The C4 detonation event would be worth the trip alone, but if you are going throw in a drink and dance show first, I'm definitely going to show up! No doubt, it will probably turn out to be something simple that was overlooked.
  11. 1954 COE

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Don't forget to check both fuses.
  12. 1954 COE

    Prototype 5 ton 6X6 M956

    VPed and I talked about posting pictures of this truck. I told him about the story I was told when I bought the truck not knowing if there was any truth to it or not. I told Vic I was going to feel pretty stupid if none of it were true. I was glad to see that the gentlemen who...
  13. 1954 COE

    Air Cleaner Modification / up Grade?

    I like it too much! Great Idea.
  14. 1954 COE

    Allison M916 + Mk48 Cab = 6x6 "FEMTT"

    Impressive caravan of iron!
  15. 1954 COE

    m932a2 w/cargo bed

    The bed length is proportional and has the right look. Good Job!
  16. 1954 COE

    THE Common No. 1 Tool Set

    You are truly Uncommon. Br.
  17. 1954 COE

    M936A2 wrecker boom cable broke at clevis end with pics

    As a wrecker owner, threads of this nature always point out how quick bad things can happen and often without warning. This green iron is big, heavy and unforgiving. Thanks for the reminder.
  18. 1954 COE

    Repaint M1070 HET

    Did you ask at the paint store for fish eye killer. What did they say caused this?
  19. 1954 COE

    Life at 50 after the military...A new begining

    Today I had the honor and privilege along with another Steel Soldiers member and his wife to attend the retirement ceremonies of one of our own. After 31 years of service to his country, he and 37 other men and women started their new lives as civilians today. Listening to the credits as each...
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