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  1. MVtrucker

    XM211 junk yard

    M211 Leave it alone. Too much involved. I have restored several M135 and M211 trucks. Not much parts there. E-mail joeyounginc@aol.com for pics. I can't figure out how to put them in SS.
  2. MVtrucker

    Whistler turbo

    Give me a break. You listen.
  3. MVtrucker

    Possible Deuce Purchase

    Turbo is nothing, it's a clean air addition. Me and my non-turbo M109 hauled a load of parts and a M105 trailer all over the East Coast. Some buy them for the whistle effect, which is neat. I love making litle kids hold their ears when I do a Memorial Day parade. Yeah, the wrecker in low range...
  4. MVtrucker

    6TL battery refurb/reconditioned battery

    Years ago I put a pair of Opmia batteries in my M35A2. Worked fine, but you have to modfify the batt box and rig the hold down.
  5. MVtrucker


    Yeah, Joe, the whole shootin' match. Buy it on your next trip down here :)
  6. MVtrucker


    NOS Hot Water cab heater: $375.00 + UPS Genuine mil-surplus. joeyounginc@aol.com
  7. MVtrucker

    Deuce tanker question

    RE: Buy it! Thanks for the input about the C. I didn't know about that tank or model.
  8. MVtrucker

    Deuce tanker question

    RE: Duece tanker question Every one I had was plain steel. I was in the home heating oil business and I never encountered fuel tanks made of stainless. They were aluminum or steel.
  9. MVtrucker

    Quick Start Ether canister attn South Eastern MI members

    Phew... I was buying them at Aberdeen for $3.00 each several years ago!
  10. MVtrucker


    RE: RALLY FOR N.J.???? TRI STATE AREA? Good idea, Joec. As mentioned, be sure a date does not conflict with other mv events. I'm less than two hours from the proposed location, so it's ideal for me. The pond should bring out the "swimmers" (amphibious vehicles) and I know that the pines are a...
  11. MVtrucker

    5 Ton paper work help

    I would probably have tried to put you to work! :D Really though, I had lots of guys stop in often and wander around looking at the trucks and other mil-vehicles I had. I enjoyed it. NOS tools and stuff was a real nice find. I found lots of neat things in the deuces, but one I amazed by was a...
  12. MVtrucker

    Manual Trans early deuce...?

    Clinto, Thanks for reminding me of that, I had forgotten.
  13. MVtrucker

    Manual Trans early deuce...?

    Since I've seen and heard that the early GMC M-series truck-tractors came with the manual transmission setup, search for one of those. I have/had a set of M/135/211 manuals. One was about the truck in general and the other covered the auto transmission. If interested in them, I'll go through my...
  14. MVtrucker

    5 Ton paper work help

    RE: Re: 5 Ton paper work help Yes, Joseph, this old dude is still around! I've been posting to SS on the deuce forum and by chance saw the Coveralls posting and I responded. Good to hear from you.
  15. MVtrucker

    5 Ton paper work help

    Sending away for the SF-97? Something new since I bought GL trucks a few years ago? A SF-97 was sent to me after every purchase. Just curious.
  16. MVtrucker

    Commercial Deuce purchase..

    You're welcome Deuceman, glad that you posted the story!
  17. MVtrucker

    Commercial Deuce purchase..

    Wow, Dave, thank you! I remember your purchase and seeing you later on at Aberdeen. I'm not selling trucks, but I have a lot of fond memories of when I did. Met so many great people and made so many friends. That Indian gets ridden regularly, even in winter. I kept one of the CUCVS's for myself...
  18. MVtrucker

    Shear Pins do Work!

    RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Shear Pins do Work! 5/16" sounds right. I can't check because after my above Posting, I sold out.
  19. MVtrucker

    Shear Pins do Work!

    RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Shear Pins do Work! Just read your Post, Kenny. I'm out of headlights. Haven't had any for a while. I have two boxes that I thought were headlights, but they're M35A2 NOS metal front lights.
  20. MVtrucker

    Commercial Deuce purchase..

    4X4 Kenny, Thanks for the kind words. I recently sent my last sweatshirt to a customer in Maine, but his wife grabbed it! Glad to hear you're wearing one. If I find any that I stuck away someplace, I'll send you one.
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