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  1. chevymike

    Cant find anything about keeping M1008 rear payload + shackle flip= front spring size

    On my first M1010 I did the ORD shackle flip and it worked great and doesn't change the load rating. I believe it was the 2.5" version. I think they also offer a 4" version.
  2. chevymike

    Gauges and Senders

    Most gauges are using specific range senders. In almost all cases, when you buy a gauge, it will come with the appropriate sending unit.
  3. chevymike

    Some M1010 Camper Box Mods

    No sadly I don't. I would say to search for CUCV groups on Facebook and you might find folks who are selling parts. My first M1010, which was totally stock in the back (this was 10 years ago), I sold a bunch of the parts I pulled out to someone. So it does happen but it's finding the person...
  4. chevymike

    Ever seen a 6.2 balancer break?

    I haven't seen one come completely apart but I have had two (on SBC engines) where the outer ring had slipped so timing marks no longer line up correctly (one was over 180* spun). I have had one where the outer ring moved inward, almost rubbing on the timing chain cover. When I pulled my 6.2L...
  5. chevymike

    Another M1010 owner

    Awesome video!!! Glad Phil was able to do the walk thru!
  6. chevymike

    TH400 Won't Shift

    FYI: TH400 transmissions do NOT have a lockup convertor. They always slip some. I think there was a very rare model of TH400 that had a lockup convertor but they were never put into CUCV's or I think trucks in general. Unlike a TH350 which uses a kickdown cable, the TH400 relies on vacuum...
  7. chevymike

    TH400 Won't Shift

    Might be your vacuum modulator at the trans. If that is not working, it will only allow it to shift gears at almost redline, which sounds like the engine is going to explode. I would look at replacing that first. Common issue.
  8. chevymike

    What should my speed be with overdrive?!?!?

    What are you using to track your speed, a GPS or the speedo? The numbers posted in the original post match close to what my M1010 sees BUT that is with 33" tall tires (255/85-16). How did you calibrate you tach? I am running a tach hooked to the alternator and used a optical tach to get the...
  9. chevymike

    454 swap

    My understanding is, the 6.2 and 454 used the same mounts and the SBC used a different one.
  10. chevymike

    Correct CUCV M1009 Transmission Mounts??

    4WD use the bottom style as they mount to the trans/transfer case adapter. Top one is 2WD model. You can get the stock rubber style at NAPA, AutoZone, etc. If you really want urethane mounts, make sure you do the engine mounts too. If not, you risk cracking the trans as the front and rear...
  11. chevymike

    CUCV Motor Mount Recommendations

    Not sure if this should be done as well but I know in the hot rod world, if you change you motor mounts to urethane, you need to do the transmission mount as well. This keeps everything moving together equally. If having urethane motor mounts and rubber trans mounts, the rubber one will flex...
  12. chevymike

    1987 m1028

    That would be the proportioning valve and to my knowledge, there are no parts available for them. They are sold as a unit.
  13. chevymike

    M1010 will not start.....

    I think those are the fuel heater. I think the WIF wires are at the bottom.
  14. chevymike

    M1010 will not start.....

    First thing I would check is the fuel shut off solenoid. If that is not opening, no fuel will get through the IP. Mine went bad, where I could hear a "click" but it wasn't moving enough to open the valve. I replaced it with a new one that went "CLICK" and it started right up. If you have...
  15. chevymike

    Another M1010 owner

    Wow, that rack definitely got a little massaging. LOL Looks like fun!
  16. chevymike

    Best A/C option for M1008 with a 454.

    At this point, Vintage Air is likely your best bet. Nostalgic Air had a CUCV specific kit but the company who was making their housings went out of business so they are not offering them anymore. Other than the compressor mount/style and likely hose routing to it, everything else would be the...
  17. chevymike

    700R4 Transmissions Swap and Gearing Questions for M1008

    Tire size is also a factor you have to consider. If you are keeping the tire size 33" or under (stock was about 31") then leave the 3.73's. If you are going to 35" or taller, then I would swap back the 4.56's.
  18. chevymike

    Another M1010 owner

    So very sorry for your loss. It is never easy to see them go over the Rainbow Bridge. I still miss our Ellie girl and that was 6 years ago she made the journey.
  19. chevymike

    Alternator driven diesel tach?

    I used a diesel tach from Speedhut Gauges for my build. It runs off the tach output on the alternator. I used a cheap Amazon RPM checker to establish the idle RPM's and then adjusted the tach to match. Works great. RPM checker https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004Q8L894 Speedhut Gauges -...
  20. chevymike

    How well do the brakes on your cucv work?

    I know my M1010 stops way better than my Dodge Ram 2500 (past '97 and current '00)
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