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    M101a1 trailer rebuild

    Ive seen many of these trailers, none ever had the cargo box triangles attached to the brake handles. If it works for you, rock on.
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    M101a1 trailer rebuild

    The triangle braces go on the rear, and just forward of the tire. The other flat parts (6 or 8 total) use bolt heads in the frame, the flat parts then a nut to squeeze it all together. There are spacers that go in between the parking brake handles and the frame.
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    M101a1 trailer rebuild

    your parking brake handles DONT use those little triangular braces to hold them. The handles attach directly to the trailer frame.
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    Salvage yards in GA?

    Taking a trip to GA soon, looking for salvage yards along the trip from Gainesville FL/Ft Benning/Columbus GA/Atlanta GA/Charlotte NC.
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    M101 NOS trailer cover

    As per the sticker on the box in that ad, they were made 2/12 NOT 2018.... The contract was issued in 2012.
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    Smart box

    Does anyone have a solution that replaces the boxes, but DOESNT require drilling holes for switches, or modifying anything? If the WAIT light still worked, that would be nice too.
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    LCRFT 5K Forklift TMs needed

    Terex or Kalmar. Looking for parts manual.
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    LCRFT 5K Forklift TMs needed

    I am looking to get the TM 10-3930-680-XX series of manuals for the LIGHT CAPABILITY ROUGH TERRAIN FORKLIFT (LCRTF) 5K NSN 3930-01-599-9978
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    Sussex NJ MTA show next weekend

    https://www.mtaswapmeet.com/ Always a good show.
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    Is there anyone doing the VIN searches anymore?

    Your best bet is looking for bumper numbers on the truck
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    What did you do to your trailer today.

    http://loadtamer.com/home.html here you go.
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    100 amp vs 200 amp generator?

    Is there any advantage of running a 200 amp genny vs the old school 100 amp? I read something that the 200 amp doesnt go thru the glow plug box? it's a base model bone stock M998. No add ons.
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    What did you do to your trailer today.

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    What did you do to your trailer today.

    Load tamers are AWESOME! Ebay is your best bet for one. I use the trailer sized one for my M101 and pickup. Their Quickie Tiedowns are awesome too! They arent cheap, but sometimes you get lucky on ebay, but the next will be the last net you ever buy.
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    Sussex NJ show Oct 22/23

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    What did you do to your trailer today.

    I made a small batch of those handles. Im going to sell them.
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    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by hawkerbattery.com

    Hawker AGM's are the best.
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    can anybody decode these codes

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    individual truck history?

    Google the USMC number. It should start with a M.
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    can anybody decode these codes

    I am guessing this was a USMC truck.
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