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    A couple of questions about power.

    Yep, the cooler the air the better, not only does it help cool the engine but cool/cold air is denser, meaning it has more O2 per cubic whatever.
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    A couple of questions about power.

    With all those above mentioned 'improvements', I think you should gain a tire burning -head snapping couple of horse power. The 6.2 was never designed to be a powerhouse and no matter what you do it never will, or it never will for very long! By all means a new dampener and a cool air intake...
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    Glow plug tip removal

    Soak it down with penetrating oil and grab it tightly with vise grips and apply pressure using a pulling-twisting motion , KEEP IT IN A STRAIGHT LINE, DO NOT GO SIDE TO SIDE AS IT WILL BRAKE OFF! Work it out a bit and then push it back in just a bit and apply more oil and repeat. Some people...
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    Accelerator delay

    Does this happen all the time, or just when engine is cold? Cold meaning first start up of the day. What happens if you start it in the AM and just let it sit and run? I'm thinking lift pump or sorry to say the IP.
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    6.2 M1009 making oil

    Yup, time for a new pump. This has been covered many times in CUCVRUS threads, I'd look them up and get a good look at the pump you want and the one that looks like it but doesn't work well. Also, you are going to change the oil right?
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    6.2 M1009 making oil

    It's got to be either coolant or fuel, personally I'd be hoping for the fuel. BTW, the pump is the only place it could be coming from.
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    Introduction + heater issue

    Check the alternator output, they have three 'legs' and if one diode burns out you lose 33% of charging and that would cause the light to come on when a load is put on it.
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    Cab leaking

    Been there done that many times, not doing it again! I've retired.
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    Cab leaking

    Your using a hose to find the leak, start at the bottom and work your way up, You can use duct tape to rule out things like the windshield and door seals ectra.
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    Options for Emergency Jack Replacement

    I've had a small roll around floor jack in my trucks for years and it's been very handy many times over, for me and others I've stopped to help. I also have a small piece of plywood so it doesn't sink in . I I was running a lifted truck I'd toss in a couple of 2"x4" blocks too.
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    Trying to keep my CUCV alive (fuel tank help)

    I do something similar, I use old tie down straps from big trucks and trailers, you can find them for free alongside any highway!
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    Question about both price and long term viability

    I'm with Barrman on this. I don't think this would truly be feasible. By the time you pay for the truck and do all the fluids and tires, hoses and possibly an injector pump, you'd have quite a chunk of $$ into it and then add all the RV stuff and it just dosn't make sense to me. I know trucks...
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    Little to no heat dilemma….

    I think they are all fail open vs fail closed, that would be real bad!
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    CUCV won't prime

    I wonder if a bit of water was in the IP and caused a bit of corrosion in the pump where the shut off solenoid is and making it stick, come to think about it I saw where you said you had power to the pick wire, but did the hear a click while unhooking /hooking it up? Check for the click and then...
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    Little to no heat dilemma….

    If you have access to a radiator thermometer just drop it in the filler neck and see what the actual temp is. Or if your not old school like me and have an inferred thermometer use that. Those engines take a long time to warm up at low idle and the colder it gets the worse it gets. I use a...
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    leaking injector line

    Nope, it can be done with the mani in place. It's not easy , you will need some crows foot wrenches (i don't remember size) and some 3/8 drive extensions a 3/8 drive ratchet and some patience. Remove the air cleaner and using the extensions, go in from the back, you can't get much of a turn at a...
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    leaking injector line

    This where a set of crow foot wrenches come in handy for the lower lines. (it probably is a lower one :) )
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    M1008 Timing chain replacement

    Yeah , unless the engine is real high milage there's no real need to replace the chain and if thats the case then it needs a complete rebuild.
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    Brake problems after axle swap.

    Barman's right, if those self-adjusters are screwed in all the way ( like when you assemble the brakes) then they will not contact the brake drum and will not adjust. All that will result in the brake pedal going almost to the floor. The adjusters should be screwed out until the drum lightly...
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    Ever seen a 6.2 balancer break?

    I changed one HB when rebuilding the engine, that engine was the smoothest idling 6.2 ever, but it also had a big HEAVY flywheel and pressure plate on the other end. With that in mind I did not change the HB in my latest truck.
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