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    M1009 from The Northern Va area to Phoenix Az-no real time frame

    It probably could be driven but on the tires it's got and geared the way it is it probably wouldn't be good over 60mph. Was hoping someone could trailer it.
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    M1009 from The Northern Va area to Phoenix Az-no real time frame

    Need a M1009 shipped from Northern Va to Phoenix Az. There isn't really a time frame, just when can it get done and from when it leaves can it be there in less then 2-3 weeks? it has a dana 60, a 14 bolt, a 4 inch suspension lift and 37" tires. It has a soft top. Yes it does run, well. Any...
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    swollen glow plug removal

    I had 4 swollen plugs and used vice grips to break off the tip. I then removed the injector, as stated before it takes 2 wrenches and is a fairly quick job. I used a magnet to get the big piece and a vacuum to get any smaller pieces that may have been in there still. It was easier then waiting...
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    Poll - Who has done the Doghead Relay Conversion

    Just finished the new relay install. It took me about a half hour longer. When I was buying the new relay I guess I thought it would just magically mount itself to the plate and stay there. So I had to run to the store for some nuts and bolts.
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    Haven't posted in some time

    Thanks guys. I think I figured out the brake lights. The plunger on the switch is getting stuck in sometimes. I just have to find a new switch now.
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    Members in Northern Virginia?

    Better late then never. Sorry to all that wanted to meet up, I had just started a new job with big changes. Working on fixing the brake lights this afternoon, but would like to meet up with you guys. I should be more available now. Let me know.
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    Haven't posted in some time

    Hey all, I haven't posted in some time so I figured I would throw these up there for you. My M1009 with it's new 4" lift. I called up ORD and they were a pleasure to deal with, they understood what I had and mostly what I wanted. My only problem when it came to ordering my lift was I wanted all...
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    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    It's pretty easy to replace the hose if you take off the intake and filter. You should place a light on the front of your truck shining right above the IP. Then go in between the intake manifold columns on the drivers side I think you should be able to see it behind the first one from the front...
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    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    So I did this mod last weekend and it works great even in the cold weather. If you are following the instrucions in the first post just a heads up. I am not sure if I am correct or not but where he says the in is on the right and the out is on the left I am pretty sure he accidently said it...
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    Capability vs. Vulnerability & Sophistication vs. Complexity

    I also think this is a good topic. I have a M1009 I would like to improve the off road capabilities but not completly destroy the military aspect of it. It would be interesting to see how others feel about this. I have a 4" lift I am going to install, I would also like to swap in different...
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    Fuel Lift Pump 1986 M1009

    Napa pump For what its worth I'm using the napa pump, my 1009 seems to be a bit quieter and gets a little better mileage. I'll see if I can find the part number, but if your in a rush the person at the counter should be able to look it up when you tell them it's a 6.2 diesel.
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    Transmission wouldn't shift into 3rd

    yes, the modulator goes into the transmission I believe on the passanger side right behind the front wheel. The governor goes towards the back of the transmission i think on the passneger side covered bya plate with 4 bolts. It is very easy to check, undo the bolts and pop the plate off you...
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    What is this and what does it do?

    I would guess diff housing vent line, mine were ran similarly. They make self venting plugs that arent supposed to let liquids in, mine already had these self venting plugs. I'm not sure where to get them but they can be worth it.
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    Transmission wouldn't shift into 3rd

    Check your governer, mine was bad and would shift to second occasionally and never to third. The plastic teeth on the end were completly worn/ground down.
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    Glow Plug Tool needed

    You shouldn't need the tool and if you wait it is going to be a very long time. Here is an easy way. Scary at first but trust me very easy. 1. Take out the injetor for that glow plug 2. Unthread the gp as far as you can so its not catching any threads at all. 3. Use a good set of vice grips...
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    Trouble starting a little help please

    Something crazy for you guys, I parked my m1009 in the garage on a wednesday thinking I was going to have to do some troubleshooting. I didn't start it or mess with it at all for the rest of the week or the weekend. I went out on a tuesday just to see what would happen and it started up fine...
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    Trouble starting a little help please

    Thanks, I am going to check out the fuel filter. I hadn't even heard of that. I came across some other threads about it as well when I got lucky with the correct key words.
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    Trouble starting a little help please

    So my m1009 had some trouble starting a couple days ago. It fired right up after the gp light cycled off and dropped to a very low idle then cut off. So I restarted and didn't think anything of it. I daily drove it with no problems until leaving work this afternoon. It cycled the gp's, the...
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    1984 M1009 Trans Problems

    Double check your governor, I believe it's on the passenger side rear of the transmission. It's inexpensive and my truck was acting funny shifting and it turned out to be it. The teeth on it were completely worn down.
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    Axle upgrade

    So I am looking for any knowledge or opinions about the possible setup. I have a M1009 and found a sweet deal on a Dana 60 fromt and a corporate 14 bolt rear. The front has no rotors but not a big deal I planned on doing brakes when I got them. 4.10 gears in them, and they came off a truck with...
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