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  1. SCSG-G4

    Brake Air Pack Vent Line Redirect?

    That is the easy way to tell if your brake fluid is low and also the easiest way to top it off.
  2. SCSG-G4

    The official 2023 Southeast Military Vehicle Rally information thread (the event formerly known as the Georgia Rally).

    I can sympathize, since I am too old to get all the work done between rallies to cook at them.
  3. SCSG-G4

    MEP-002a only outputting 125v

    I just saw this thread today, is this what you are rewiring/replacing? If so, this one is off a MEP-002 that I'm parting out/have parted out some. About 95 miles south of Charlotte, I-77 south to I-20 west, get off at exit 61. Start a Conversation with me for more details.
  4. SCSG-G4

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    71 is young, I had a triple bypass at 76 (less than a month from having a widow maker had it not been treated).
  5. SCSG-G4

    WTK info on SB-86/P and SB-22A/PT

    No. I have not really touched the phone equipment in a dozen years, and all of my experience is with the Vietnam era stuff.
  6. SCSG-G4

    MKT-99 Kitchen trailer - Batteries & solar

    Here are a couple of pics of my Field Sanitary Trailer. First pic shows looking forward (toward lunette) with sinks on the right, second pic shows the drying racks that are on the left side.
  7. SCSG-G4

    MKT-99 Kitchen trailer - Batteries & solar

    Saw your post on FB about this and your interest in building a Field Sanitary Trailer. I'll look to see if I have pictures of the one i built. Mike
  8. SCSG-G4

    LCRFT 5K Forklift TMs needed

    Guyfang works his magic yet again!
  9. SCSG-G4

    LCRFT 5K Forklift TMs needed

    Got any NSN's?
  10. SCSG-G4

    Automatic / Manual Fieldflash with aftermarket AVR on MEP004A / 005A

    Definitely want them sealed against moisture and the corrosion it causes.
  11. SCSG-G4

    Deuce brake line questions

    Replace the lines! Years ago peashooter posted a thread on replacing all the hard lines with 'cunifer', a corrosion resistant copper-nickel line that replaces the steel.
  12. SCSG-G4

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    I doubt you will ever need the flame heater while in Florida. It's primary use was to heat up the incoming air enough to get the LD series engines to start when the temp was at 0 degrees F or lower. All new lines will help, but it remains a point of failure that most of us in the south can avoid.
  13. SCSG-G4

    Denton, NC, April 2024

    I just put it on my calendar.
  14. SCSG-G4

    North Texas Recovery. Wish me luck.

    Just be on the lookout for 'Low Bridge' signs and you should be fine. Now if it were rising on a low boy it would be a different story.
  15. SCSG-G4

    Question of understanding: Decommissioning of HMMWV in the US forces

    Ma Deuce was first built in the early 20's. There was a story posted a couple of years ago about one made in 1923 that was NOT being returned to a unit in the sandbox after it was sent back to be brought up to the new quick barrel change configuration. Reason - it was a three digit serial...
  16. SCSG-G4

    Shop Equipment, Welding (SEW) Trailer - Aluminum

    another version uses TM 9-4940-547-14&P ( NSN 4940-01-110-7422 ) You might or might not find something useful in this: https://nationalstocknumber.info/national-stock-number/4940-01-591-0265
  17. SCSG-G4

    M134 Vehicle Mounted replica

    See his response in #48
  18. SCSG-G4

    Taking LMTV home | 1200mi road trip TX to NC

    Should not affect you, but westbound I-20 at Camden is closed because of a ' catastrophic failure' of the bridge overe the river. In the Aiken-Agusta-Ga area you have @EMD567, me in the Columbia area (only as a contact for others with far more skills), @wreckerman893 in the Anniston, AL area...
  19. SCSG-G4

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Spin-on's are the way to go!
  20. SCSG-G4

    Leaking fuel line

    I remember having to temporarily fix one of those lines on a deuce because the two 'nylon' lines had rubbed together and one wore through first (not my truck). Temp fix was to put some rubber hose over the bad part with the slit on the opposite side, then use a number of hose clamps to 'seal'...
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