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  1. Csm Davis

    Torque rod emergency repair

    Probably what will happen if I can't get it repaired fairly quickly next trip. What would everyone suggest for keeping rod in place if I get it back on? Drill and tap or weld plate? 75 miles to home, lift tow behind wrecker.
  2. Csm Davis

    Torque rod emergency repair

    Engine is dead, cab is falling off, transfer case is busted, probably has lockers. Driveshaft is fully collapsed most of truck is trashed from rust, dipped in the sea for years and not cleaned. Bed and lockers is why I bought truck, ISO BED M923A1 😮‍💨
  3. Csm Davis

    Torque rod emergency repair

    Tried pulling up and back at 45° with wrecker and chain wrapped around axle to twist it rearward and upward. Height worked but would not twist backwards it's off by about 3". Will try hooking front wrecker winch to to it from behind and around chunk to try to rotate it backwards next trip out to...
  4. Csm Davis

    True failure rates of the 6CTA8.3L injector pump?

    All of this is great troubleshooting but why not just buy the truck expecting a bad IP? Use that as bargaining tool, about 1k, then just fix it. If IP is bad you're covered if not you are golden! The IP is easy to remove and replace and a rebuilder can bump it up in timing and fuel without much...
  5. Csm Davis

    Torque rod emergency repair

    M923 popped a upper rod off the ball on intermediate axle end. Need to get it back on to drag it home. Front axle is frozen up so can't tow from the rear. Ideas on easiest way to get ball back in alignment and affix a plate to keep it there? Have wrecker and most tools, but pulled on it quite a...
  6. Csm Davis

    2024 New Orleans Air Show with BLUE ANGELS March 23-24 Mini La/Ms Rally

    I would like a spot, vehicle to be determined?
  7. Csm Davis

    Reusable hydraulic fittings on wreckers

    Most of the largest lines are crimped, will have to check on smaller lines and see. Will be next week before I get back to my wrecker.
  8. Csm Davis

    Painting cargo cover?

    Is it new? If so I might trade you.
  9. Csm Davis

    8.3L puffs smoke underhood

    Thanks guys for reaffirming what I thought was going on.
  10. Csm Davis

    Aftermarket alternator

    I just talked to him, he has just been laying out. Soon to comment.
  11. Csm Davis

    Aftermarket alternator

    74m35a2 can hook you up with complete setup.
  12. Csm Davis

    Has the trans fluid debate been settled yet?

    I abuse my wrecker pretty hard and have not had a failure yet, 10 years now, 10wt. Unsure how anyone knows they have 15w40 it looks just like 10wt. BTW they were all filled with 10wt when new or rebuilt.
  13. Csm Davis

    8.3L puffs smoke underhood

    My M936A2 puffs smoke underhood when first starting only. Appears to be near front of engine, thinking exhaust gasket but wondering if could just tighten the bolts or might be cracked manifold? Nothing overly obvious jumps out when looking.
  14. Csm Davis

    Best source for Torque Rod Ends?

    So how did that turn out?
  15. Csm Davis

    Reproduction smoke grenade control box - Blank Version COMPLETE!

    Love the t-shirt launcher idea! How far from Hattiesburg is your friend? Would love to talk to them maybe visit and look at it if able.
  16. Csm Davis

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by hawkerbattery.com

    Enter me, and thanks Hawker!
  17. Csm Davis

    Wrecker bed modification

    How can I find Mike's?
  18. Csm Davis

    Heavy Duty Hero's parts and stuff

    Did look but didn't find any 12 bolt, just 8 and 24, sorry bud.
  19. Csm Davis

    MV'S at the Beach! Vet Day

    Line up is 1015 off of 1st street in long Beach,Ms. We probably leave Beauvoir at 930 and convoy over or we can meet for breakfast and then go on over?
  20. Csm Davis

    MV'S at the Beach! Vet Day

    Only thing set in stone is parade Saturday at 11am believe line up is 9:30am.
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