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  1. Rustygears

    Dot 3 or Dot 5

    There are vendors sponsoring this site that sell mil DOT5 for around $65 a gallon. Others have had it on occasion cheaper. Check the vendors section and patronize the sponsors.
  2. Rustygears

    6.2 dies when you let off throttle

    Or air getting sucked into the fuel line at high rpm, causes stumble and die when pulling off the throttle. My '82 k10 with the 6.2 has had this issue. It Is the 12v version of a cucv. Same pumps, etc. the fix is to find the rubber clamp in the many that's loose or the hose end that's...
  3. Rustygears

    Welding on Deuce do i disconnect batteries?

    As indicated, it's all in where you place the welder grounding clamp relative to your work. Honestly, if you are grounding through a bunch of stuff like frame, bolts, etc. to weld a bumper, you're likely to fry the vehicle wiring and pop the lights, never mind the damage to bat or alt. you...
  4. Rustygears

    A3 TM Oil capacity...? Says 19 quarts..?

    Ditto on mine.
  5. Rustygears

    CTIS Command Module Dead

    Did it ever work since you got the truck? Many are electrically disconnected in prep for disposal sale but the head and all the bits are left in place. Just the power and some plumbing is disconnected. The head displays immediately when the on switch is pushed. It shows the SW version first...
  6. Rustygears

    no air from service line

    If you get low air buzzer when turning the steering wheel, check for a big airleak in the air assist system. It's very, very common and comes from a few sources. The quick way to confirm is to close the little shutoff valve inside the engine compartment at the firewall on the driver's side...
  7. Rustygears

    Any ideas on a CTIS wheel balancer...

    There is a counterbalance weight mounted opposite on one of the rim studs. It does balance out the cover and the plumbing and the wheel valve. While not perfect, it certainly improves the balance over what is being suggested. There have been many prior threads on balancing A3 wheels using...
  8. Rustygears

    Which Deuce is Best

    Oh boy, now the debate starts - it's like we used to argue about when I was a kid - which is better: Ford or Chevy? The only answer that is relevant is: the one that's working is best. Buy a good solid truck and don't skimp because you'll definitely pay 2x to fix it later. I have an A3 and I...
  9. Rustygears

    M35A3 Air Brakes

    The fan clutch and air assist branch from the same line and I believe the same little needle valve at the firewall controls the supply for both. What I don't remember is whether the fan is permanently enabled with air supply off or disabled with air supply off.
  10. Rustygears

    M35A3 air buzzer and warning light question

    Interesting problem. Seems like you're describing a big voltage drop across the pressure switch, even with the buzzer disconnected. From the description, sounds like the switch contacts are fried or dirty. Time to replace or refurbish.
  11. Rustygears

    Air pressure gauge sticking?

    Ace high is right. Some of those threads on adding oil were for A2's. There are other threads about fixing the air assist steering by adding marvel mystery oil or air tool oil into the inlet line of the air assist drag link to unstick it. I've authored a few of those threads and others have...
  12. Rustygears

    M35A3 Air Brakes

    Good point about isolating the air assist with the little valve on the driver's side firewall. I wasn't going to repeat all the air assist regulator discussion...... As I recall, the same valve also controls air supply to the fan clutch. I don't remember if it engages or disengages with the...
  13. Rustygears

    Air pressure gauge sticking?

    Oil won't make any difference. If a gauge is sticking, it is the mechanical part. The gauges work on the flex of a curved brass tube that straightens with pressure. Putting oil in the air line has no effect on a sticky gauge. As stated, the hold-off, then sudden uptick of the system pressure...
  14. Rustygears

    M35A3 Air Brakes

    When the Compressor reaches 120psi and the comp governor located on the sde of the comp unloads the compressor, it also signals the dryer to purge. That is the explosive whoosh sound you hear behind the spare. All the time the compressor is not filling the main tanks, the air charge stored in...
  15. Rustygears

    M35A3 Air Brakes

    When the Compressor reaches 120psi and the comp governor located on the sde of the comp unloads the compressor, it also signals the dryer to purge. That is the explosive whoosh sound you hear behind the spare. All the time the compressor is not filling the main tanks, the air charge stored in...
  16. Rustygears

    Air pressure gauge sticking?

    It's a mechanical gauge. It is not sticking. There are a series of pressure sensitive valves that kick in at 40 to 60 psi to try and isolate the brake system. When everything is at 0 pressure, the inlet pressure from the compressor has to build above that threshold for the valve to open...
  17. Rustygears

    Which 240 volt Mig welder?

    I wouldn't trade my miller matic 250 for anything. Current model is the 252. Bulletproof, no auto nothing, built like a brick sh!thouse. Supports adding a spool gun for aluminum and has the built in hd cart for a large gas cylinder. 240/208 volt, 200 amp rated.
  18. Rustygears

    m35a3 wont start

    I guess I have a heck of a lot of luck for a lot of years. Leaving the headlights on for a constant load helps avoid spikes. Spikes come from transient loads.
  19. Rustygears

    m35a3 wont start

    Ditto to the above post. You could also try jumping it through the NATO connector on the pax side of the cab if you have either a friend with an mv or a couple of batteries. I'd disconnect the existing truck batteries first. If the alternator is good, once the truck is started you can limp...
  20. Rustygears

    Welding question

    Absolutely right on the money. The only time the oxy should be more than 5 psi is for cutting with the smoke wrench. I see too many folks running gas too high which results in a poorly adjusted flame, which then winds up being an oxidizing flame instead of being neutral. An oxidizing flame...
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