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    AC 60G glow plug issue

    AC60G Glow Plugs work just fine on CUCVs. If you don't want to modify your original wiring harness, about 2 seconds per glow plug narrowing the spade on a bench grinder also works...
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    Another CUCV accident

    If that dent totals a truck, I have a bunch that need to totaled I guess. Worst case scenario you can buy a bed side, that certainly doesn't need a whole bed to repair...
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    New to me CUCV!

    Did you move to or from Port Orchard? I'm guessing if you just retired you moved away from the Peninsula... I'm in Belfair.
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    J- hook windshield wiper arm conversion

    I always upgrade to the 85 up squarebody arms. They have the end that sticks out at 90 degrees. If you don't want the arm mounted squirters, they come off easily. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/rnb-42852/overview/year/1987/make/chevrolet/model/r10. Also, some people use longer blades...
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    WA registration issues

    This does have to do with being a military vehicle. MSRP is available for most vehicles. The DMV people can't find it for Military vehicles. This is not just about sales tax. They will charge that (use tax), gross vehicle weight tax and in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties they will charge...
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    WA registration issues

    I've registered 3 CUCVs in WA. They all went through ok. It's not the state, it's King county. They are going to tax you on a fairy tale depreciated MSRP for the Sound Transit scam. Based on the NIIN on the door jamb, you get get the original price to the government. PM me if you want help.
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    GM Spin On Fuel Filter Conversion

    The correct number is 12552214. It is also AC Delco GF647.
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    M1008 Wheel/Tire upgrade

    Communication support truck... :)
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    M1008 Wheel/Tire upgrade

    Everybody loves pictures, here are my new wheels and tires on my M1031. Ultra 164 16x8" wheels Goodyear Wrangler MT/R LT265/75R-16 tires.
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    2013 VIN INFO Thread

    Here's another. M1031 fresh from GL. a. 1GBHD34J2GF362483 b. NG1JZP c. 2320011335368 d. GL Fort Lewis e. Oversprayed
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    1986 M1031 4L80E Swap Question

    Thanks! You are giving me hope that I can do this for a lot less than I was expecting. I need to get both transmissions here and next to each other. That will answer the rest of my questions. I will have a 4L80E to NP241 (driver drop for the 1993) adapter if that would help you with your swap...
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    1986 M1031 4L80E Swap Question

    I didn't understand what you meant the first time, please excuse my thick skull. This thread on pirate gives me some ideas: http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/motor-tranny-t-case-performance/950363-infinitely-clockable-gm-t-case-adapter-kits-replaces-stock-full-spline-engagement.html I currently...
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    1986 M1031 4L80E Swap Question

    No progress yet. I'm thinking I will build the transmission to t case adapter. I haven't picked up the trans yet but once I get the TH400 and the 4L80E next to each other with their respective adapters, I can start making chips on the mill.
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    1986 M1031 4L80E Swap Question

    I just read that thread too. The only hitch is that writeup is for an NP208 and I have an NP205. He also used the newer adapter.
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    1986 M1031 4L80E Swap Question

    I just bought a 1986 M1031 from Gov liquidation. I'm new to this truck, but I've had quite a few 1973-87 Chevy's in the past and even had a M1009 for a few months. My truck has the TH400 and NP205 of course but doesn't look like it ever had a PTO or the associated governor on it. Whatever box...
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