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  1. davidb56

    Must Have's for New Deuce?

    spin on oil/fuel filters, gun rack, external fuel pump, tire chains, pyrometer.
  2. davidb56

    Smoking engine

    I would think a non turbo would smoke a bit until the cylinders warm up since part of the combustion is from heated air.
  3. davidb56

    Newish M35 owner - ticking noise & first major repair?

    spray something around the area and find the leak. exhaust leak isnt bad to fix, head gasket takes a little more work, but at least its a pushrod engine.
  4. davidb56

    Deuce: I just broke my primary fuel canister

    you can get a primary filter with the mounting housing off of fleabay that has a water drain on the spin on filter, to take the housing and filter off a old F250 with the 7.3IDI diesel and mount it to the frame...all kinds of options to jerry rig a better system there. there's only a little...
  5. davidb56

    Will start only with a squirt of starting fluid. Runs great once started.

    so you think there may be air getting into the system?
  6. davidb56

    Will start only with a squirt of starting fluid. Runs great once started.

    I would look for a leak that is allowing air into the system when the engine is off.
  7. davidb56

    M813 Seized Engine

    sounds hydrolocked. I'd drain the oil, pull the injectors and bar it over.
  8. davidb56

    m923a2 recreational vehicle upgrades

    you could make that railing on top of the cabin removable, hinged, or 1 foot shorter to give you some clearance.
  9. davidb56

    Driving with FLIR

    depth perception and figuring out what you are actually looking at before you hit it. it works better if a passenger was using it.
  10. davidb56

    HEMTT M1120A4 Issues, need TMs and Help - HEMTT mechanics out there?

    get out your voltage meter/tester and just work your way up from the batteries. Most of the time its just a bad/corroded connection. Did you check for power on both sides of the cutoff switch?
  11. davidb56

    NHC250 metal in oil

    its the sarrated groves in the metal that should give you a clue to where it came from, or what part it came off of. maybe a rebuilder would have a idea.
  12. davidb56

    NHC250 metal in oil

    looks like part of a seal to me. Was there is any spall specs of rubber when you drained the oil?
  13. davidb56

    first broken front axle shaft

    maybe a combination of big tires, front locker pulling the truck and grabbed some traction under the snow on something. Probably will never happen again.
  14. davidb56

    first broken front axle shaft

    what size tires/wheels are you running?
  15. davidb56

    Superthermal's M813 Build, THE BOT

    I thought about using skid steer tracks pieced together for the correct length, but never got beyond thinking. Now I just chain up one axel in the rear.
  16. davidb56

    Oil Filter Spin On Adapter

    If you think you're the first person to do that, you're wrong.....its a big club.
  17. davidb56

    M35a3 flywheel house

    2-3K$ if you can do all the work. at that price, there is no risk. The owner may consider parting it out himself if you go too low. but a 3 grand offer would sway most from the bother of hauling a carcass away after the vultures pick at it. just make sure the Frame is straight unless you have...
  18. davidb56

    Deuce engine repair

    Metal in the pan is a game changer. you will HAVE to drop the pan after you inspect the valve train. The fact that you state its so loud,(the squeal) I would give the main and rod bearings a look, since you have to drop the pan and completely clean everything for metal.
  19. davidb56

    Deuce engine repair

    There isnt a bearing that would squeak. only sleeve bearings and bushings. the camshaft is in the block, not the heads. So you should find out first what is squeaking. sound transmits everywhere. A likely culprit could even be a transmission input shaft bushing in the flywheel, or a throw out...
  20. davidb56

    A3 air filter on LDT

    So the one on the left in the pics is the higher ratio? hard to tell without measuring, but the total amount is in the thousandths. changing the rocker ratio is sort of like getting a higher lift camshaft. I would think if you had them mounted side by side, one would open the valve maybe 25-30...
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