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  1. zebedee

    Rear Winch Clevis

    https://www.electrolineusa.com/product/self-colored-steel-forged-clevis-socket-fitting-8/ but at $179, you'd better look for Gov ex surplus!!
  2. zebedee

    Locating a part for the wrecker

    ESMET is the name you should be looking for. Commercially available but not "Harbour Freight or Tractor Supply" cheap. This has been covered in old threads in the wrecker forums - inc tips on how to install etc.
  3. zebedee

    Picking up an M816, new to the 5tons

    Welcome to the madness - there are loads of threads on wreckers, specific M816's and 5 ton servicing in general.. Enjoy the journey
  4. zebedee

    Trailer identification

    They were often used for lube units.
  5. zebedee

    Vertical Solar Panels

    Got to love all the science - I can just imagine all the "Huh?"s...
  6. zebedee

    Adding pintle hook to front bumper of M923 - Estimated weight capacity?

    Ooooo - there's a knee whacker in the making! Not poo pooing the idea, as all my Brit MoD vehicles have front hitches standard - great for 'nosing' trailers onto landing craft (yeah - do that all the time!!!), but handy, not only for recovery but also for rigid bar use. As Bruce + above...
  7. zebedee

    Eastern Surplus is a proud supporter of the Military Transport Association of NJ (MTA) Annual Show & Swap Meet

    Are you bringing 6TL batteries (need 2), I missed you at Gilbert...
  8. zebedee

    MEP 803 buyer guide/video

    Been following this chap for a while on all things truck maintenance/fabrication/ etc....... He has just done a vid on the MEP803 he aquired from GovPlanet to back up his home.... I Bought a Military Surplus Diesel Generator to Power my House (youtube.com)
  9. zebedee

    Rate this front bumper modification...

    Wonder why they didn't line up exactly?
  10. zebedee

    Old wrecker troubleshooting

    Welcome to the sickness. Do some digging in the forums, over the years there have been a dirth of wrecker and 5 ton specific threads on operation, use, modification..... hrs of reading!
  11. zebedee

    Into to Rongo, Land Roverguy.

    You totally need to get MoD reg'n plates for that!!
  12. zebedee


    as a "spectator", I'd agree but for people on this forum, who collect/restore/show military vehicles, want to meet with like minded souls, my vote, from experience is the Friday - for a full day. Sat is good, but often, even with good weather, exhibitors/vendors start to leave by lunch.
  13. zebedee


    Note to self - Ignore flyer dates of Sat and Sun for next year, show up Thursday, best day is apparently Fri, head home Fri pm or Sat am. (Addmitedly, the weather wasn't very cooperative this weekend!) Kind of a shame as the future of this hobby depends upon interesting new, younger people that...
  14. zebedee

    Ward la France - need help

    The 'angle iron' in an open 'V' takes the wedge bracket that carries the vise. The "aerodynamic" plates stop brush getting trapped beyween the fenders and the "Tree buster" front bumper.
  15. zebedee

    818 pintle hitch trailer????

    M105 would work
  16. zebedee

    Land Rover 1 Tonne Airbourne wrecker

    Got the other Rover out last weekend... Some of the CES kit [Bii] on display. Busness end. As used by 2 PARA, 5th Airbourne Brigade. Forward Recovery Truck. Dropped by parachute into front lines from transport plane, C130.
  17. zebedee

    Land Rover, 1/2 ton, Airportable.

    The other attendees.
  18. zebedee

    Land Rover, 1/2 ton, Airportable.

    Loaded for the car show tomorrow . Had to use the flat rack I made for the M916A1's fifth wheel as the fairgrounds entrance for MV's is too small for the M870A1 trailer.
  19. zebedee

    RG-31 Truck-lite kit

    It's a compensation dissorder for the lack of level wind obviously.
  20. zebedee

    Canadian M35 Roof Rack

    A few of the Australian M816 (not sure about previous M 543 trucks) had local made roof racks.
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