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  1. Longhunter7

    Air Force Yellow stencil color?

    According to the Marine Corps Museum, "old caterpiller yellow" is very close. It is available at Walmart in spray cans. That is what I used and it looks great!
  2. Longhunter7

    Post your m37 pictures

    1963 Dodge Marine Corps M37-B1 1963 Dodge Marine Corps M37-B1, restoration almost complete.
  3. Longhunter7

    24 volt coil question?

    Thank You! Majorhitt, Thank you for the information! Now I can get the Dodge running again. Have a great Memorial Day to all the members of Steel Soldiers!
  4. Longhunter7

    24 volt coil question?

    Old Timers! Stretch, It's good to hear from old timers! I've been sandbagging and keeping an eye you guys, but haven't jumped in and posted for a while.
  5. Longhunter7

    24 volt coil question?

    Holy Cow! It's good to see your still alive and kicking! I've been restoring a 63" U.S.M.C. M37-B1 and I haven't been over here as much. After I sold the M35A2C, I got lost in the fog, but have found my way back. ;)
  6. Longhunter7

    24 volt coil question?

    Does anyone know what the ohm reading should be on a 24 volt coil in the 230 c.i. engine? I am getting 6.6 ohms across the coil. Is the coil still good? :?:
  7. Longhunter7

    MVPA 2012 Alaska Highway Convoy

    Nice Rig! Paul, I'm also driving a truck camper on the convoy. I'll enclose a picture of my rig.
  8. Longhunter7

    MVPA 2012 Alaska Highway Convoy

    Quick recovery! Paul, My thoughts and prayers are with you! Have a speedy recovery and I'll see ya' on the convoy. Rick T.
  9. Longhunter7

    MVPA 2012 Alaska Highway Convoy

    wsucougarx, Just to clarify the dates. The convoy is scheduled to leave Dawson Creek, BC on August 4th 2012. Adjust your plans accordingly and have fun! :driver:
  10. Longhunter7

    MVPA 2012 Alaska Highway Convoy

    wsucougarx, The plan is to have people who want to travel together, to form up in groups and proceed to Dawson Creek British Columbia. Stay tuned for more information on the group in your part of the country. You can follow the progress on Facebook. Look for MVPA AC 12 Convoy. :driver:
  11. Longhunter7

    MVPA 2012 Alaska Highway Convoy

    Drivers Needed? For those who didn't get signed up in time, there still might a possibility of being a relief driver on the convoy. You will need to check with the convoy commander for possible openings, but I wouldn't be surprised if some spots are available. Some of the days on the Alcan...
  12. Longhunter7

    MVPA 2012 Alaska Highway Convoy

    Big Convoy! The main problem with a convoy to Alaska, is that there aren't too many places that can handle a lot of vehicles at a time. There had to be a reasonable cut off number to make it work.
  13. Longhunter7

    MVPA 2012 Alaska Highway Convoy

    Alaska or Bust! Is anyone joining the MVPA Alaska Convoy in August of 2012 from the upper Midwest? The core planning team is doing a pre-run this May to get things sorted out and establish a good working relationship along the planned route. If we could get several vehicles on a semi and...
  14. Longhunter7


    +1 on Midwest Military! That's also where I got my Oak bed wood. It was so nice that I hated to paint it, but I had to do it. You can see the finished results in my avatar picture. If you want more information, let me know and I can e-mail you more pictures. :arrow:
  15. Longhunter7

    M37 M43 fuel pump kit

    Beware! Make sure you get a rebuild kit that is compatible with todays formulated fuels. The old NOS kits will not hold up to todays gasoline. :!:
  16. Longhunter7

    M37 M43 fuel pump kit

    Fuel Pump? tjmilitary, Welcome to Steel Soldiers! If you contact Mr. Sid Beck at g741@ccwip.net he can help you with a rebuild kit. :arrow:
  17. Longhunter7

    Ok, New site...

    Nice looking upgrade mangus580! You guys have been busy over here making things better! Keep up the good work!
  18. Longhunter7

    THE GREAT PUMPKIN --- Project Pumpkin Pie

    Easy as PIE! Nice project! I would really like to see the "Pumpkin Pie" at the 2009 Power Wagon Rally in Fairfield Iowa next year! :arrow:
  19. Longhunter7

    M37 rear cargo jump seat

    Jump Seat? Here is a picture of my NOS jump seat.
  20. Longhunter7

    Deuce Top

    SandBaggin' ARMADA, Thanks for the post! I'm still out here, just keeping an eye on things! :wink: Still working on the M37-B1. Running good and almost there! :arrow:
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