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  1. tobyS

    22.5 Rims on deuce

    Maybe the 22.5 are 8 1/2, the 19.5 are 6 " and only like 31" tall with 6.0 tires. Anyway...try Isuzu
  2. tobyS

    M35A3- Changed transmission fluid now won't move?

    What did you find when you dropped the pan and filter? Was there a gritty feeling to the fluid or little aluminum balls in the old fluid? The clutches in these tranny's, particular 4th/reverse have old seals that leak and won't hold pressure on the clutch, then the slippage causes heat and can...
  3. tobyS

    Compatible transmissions for the M35a3 with the cat 3116

    Somebody made the comment on FB that the FS 5306 a could be made overdrive with gear changes. Anyone confirm that ?
  4. tobyS

    Compatible transmissions for the M35a3 with the cat 3116

    Boneyard has a C6500 with a Cat 3116 and FS 5306A but not FSO 6406a (overdrive) Eaton-Fuller. So I will try to buy the flywheel, clutch, housing and continue search for the FSO (overdrive).
  5. tobyS

    Compatible transmissions for the M35a3 with the cat 3116

    Looking for information about mounting a Fuller FSO 6406a or 8406a to the Cat ?
  6. tobyS

    Compatible transmissions for the M35a3 with the cat 3116

    I'm bringing this up to see the current thoughts on going to a Spicer 3053 in my 4x4 M35A3 project for it's high final gear. All 4 brake cylinders are 1 1/2" on the 50/50 system, so brakes are not an issue. 395 GY rated to 65 mph. Anyone have low mile Spicer?
  7. tobyS

    Rubber coating for parts near battery?

    Use a sheet of plastic or good foam. I had one that had arced a lot. But it won't go through plastic. Bed spray for the coating.
  8. tobyS

    Soft top from scratch

    Thanks. It happened about the time I stopped in this thread, so has had some recovery. I refuse not to use it. Arthritis is bad. I did get the A3 on the axle as the above photo shows.
  9. tobyS

    Soft top from scratch

    The top project stalled. While plating the frame of my M35A3 project with a 10' long 11"x3"x1/4", the brace I had holding the sheet near in place shifted and the sheet tried to remove my right thumb, up against the rear tire. It crushed as I ripped out.... but saved the thumb. The A3 project...
  10. tobyS

    Gears again

    What is the latest on gears for the deuce to bring it to safe highway speed? Brakes note; my A3 4x4 has 50/50 MC and 1 1/2" wheel pistons. I do not want to have an overdrive that spins the drive fast. My final for the Allison is 1/1 and tires 395 (rated to 65). Can it be done with a...
  11. tobyS

    Refreshing my M1061A1

    I need your back modification to my M1061 but here is a tongue extension that would make your trailer more manageable.
  12. tobyS

    22.5 Rims on deuce

    I read through and didn't see the mention of ISUZU truck rims (6 bolt, one piece, welded, tubeless) "budd" style for 16", 19.5", and 22.5" dia. They are not a very wide rim. I'll post pictures of a set of 19.5" with tires on an M105 axle from my I pad. Oops, the first picture is rim and...
  13. tobyS

    M35A3 - Opinions Wanted !

    Look for rust behind the rear axle trunnion plate, between the flat plate and the frame. Some of those may be the original A2 and the frame of some is deteriorated. I plated a 10" section because of that rust. A real load near the rated capacity would have been unsafe.
  14. tobyS

    M35A3 - Opinions Wanted !

    The Alison 1545 tranny has a weak 4th gear that making it a locking torque converter made worse. Age is compounding the problem because the seals in the clutch pack deteriorate. Some people have much better luck than others, but this model is nearing 30 years old. They start to leak and...
  15. tobyS

    New to me M35A3, suggestions needed

    If you are ready to ruin the tranny (as Rusty says), drive it with water damaged clutches. Mine melted the aluminum piston and sent aluminum everywhere. We have rebuilt several 1545 and had the lock up TC rebuilt. Next time I would use the 4L80 (direct clutch) that is made for racing in the...
  16. tobyS

    5 Ton springs for a m35 bobber

    Funny this came up in e-mail. I just posted on FB deuce group about the same set-up, spring, bag and reason for M105 mounts. I figured I was kicked off SS permanently for rules. Is that really Rustystud back or just using his old posts?
  17. tobyS

    Wife wants me to do the unthinkable due to the Florida DMV debacle!

    Have you looked at alternatives to a HMMWV, like a bobbed deuce, that won't have the title problems in Florida? Someone would trade you from a state that isn't determined to make HMMWV an off road only state.
  18. tobyS

    New to me M35A3, suggestions needed

    Make it a bob or 4x4 (no frame cut).
  19. tobyS

    Police surplus auction deuce

    Post pics of your truck
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