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  1. Scarecrow1

    M923 won't start

    I see little was changed since selling my truck . I've been a member for a long while and it is always the same B/S . Guys young and old buy these trucks and find this site looking for answers . Some find help others find insults and some smart ass trying to look good by making someone else look...
  2. Scarecrow1

    How does slime balance a tire ?

    I used it my front tires and it did help. I used about a half in each one . I still plan on putting it in the rear ones , when the weather warms up that is . My main concern with antifreeze was if I get a nail or small enough hole to plug the antifreeze could interfere with the plugging of the...
  3. Scarecrow1

    Fuel Gauge Not Working

    3rdmqm if you are looking at your gauge run your hand under the dash and feel for the wire on the right side of the gauge. Pull it off and look into the boot and make sure the connection is not broken like mine was . What happens is so long as the boot is pushing the connection together it works...
  4. Scarecrow1

    I guess it's true you can't have just one.

    Those are nice trucks . I am ask all the time why and what do I do with mine . I reply anything I want to lol
  5. Scarecrow1

    My M818 recovery

    Sounds like your slow walking it down . Keep on just reading and looking it is a fairly simple system but due to its age almost everything is worn out . Good luck and keep us posted.........
  6. Scarecrow1

    What is this? What does it do? On the M936-A2

    That's where you wind it up at when it stops lol!!! No really it looks like a battle field add on . I would still like to know what it did.
  7. Scarecrow1

    Are prices going up?

    Five years ago you get two or three Deuce,s for that price . Your best bet is to bank the money and wait for the tax money to run out. If your smart you willbe looking at the 5tons now. They are newer in better condition for the most part and are automatic and air breaks to boot. If your willing...
  8. Scarecrow1

    No longer stuck in ditch

    Andy is my Hero . Who else do you guys know that have his and hers 5tons lol
  9. Scarecrow1

    Fuel Gauge Not Working

    I had a time finding out what happend to my fuel gauge, it worked one day and not the next. I had moister in the gauge anyway so ordered a new one and still no go . I did the meter test and found not one but two plugs were damaged. One of the male connections was in bad shape so I replaced it ...
  10. Scarecrow1

    head light issue

    I found that if one blows then the other one won't be on for very long. Its a sign that its time to order a new one. But Mntsnow said put a volt meter on it to verify the voltage ......
  11. Scarecrow1

    1991 m931a2 lost air on recovery.

    Ron where do you find info on buying and installing the alcohol kits ???
  12. Scarecrow1

    Project Time Again - re-paint

    Finished mine last month before Christmas and still waiting for warmer weather to come to take care of some touch up and other little things . I'm interested in seeing one completely change its color. ...good luck
  13. Scarecrow1

    Half Track camo done

    Very very cool job. It makes me want to pull out my RatPatrol series lol.
  14. Scarecrow1

    Hello from Virginia...

    Welcome from SC . My wife is from Danville
  15. Scarecrow1

    New Member, Virginia

    Welcome from SC. I'm retired /disabled UPS driver of 25 years so welcome my friend
  16. Scarecrow1

    M936 A2 transfer case problem

    The button on my 923a1 is located on the end of the lever so,as you can press it with your thumb as you pull up on it . Mine hung up like yours did the first tme I ever used it and brother it took me a while to get it back in . I never used it again lol , and hope I never do .....
  17. Scarecrow1

    M936 A2 transfer case problem

    If it has a button on it like mine did check it out with a volt meter to make sure it's getting power to it . Those wires under mine are a mess and I have scheduled a re wiring for that mess in the spring . My point being it may be the silanoid that's not working .
  18. Scarecrow1

    M925A1 charging and PCB problems

    I think you should keep looking on SS I found a guy parting out one and picked up shipped for $81.00. You have to be quick and look everyday to find one ........
  19. Scarecrow1

    Gas can tie down

    I also place foam pipe wrap under the can to keep it from beating the heck out of the bottom.
  20. Scarecrow1

    Vehicle slowly coming along....

    It's looking good ,but it looks like your already in the country.....
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