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  1. crazywelder72

    Power Steering Pump Pics

    a few pics.. got it finished today.
  2. crazywelder72

    Power Steering Pump Pics

    i found out some info on my pump today... kind of surprised. The pump is easily found as the power steering pump found in a 1989 chevy 3500. (but that is a serpentine belt pully on it). you need to look at the 1986 for the vbelt pulley. the pump has a few different configurations depending...
  3. crazywelder72

    My Dragoon 300 in the Movies

    were you the operator in it?
  4. crazywelder72

    Power Steering Pump Pics

    if i knew about them AND if i was building the kit, it would have been a option i would have considered. I am just trying to keep what i have working with improvements. Based on my setup and the current problem, ordering the bracket made the most sense.
  5. crazywelder72

    Power Steering Pump Pics

    I agree that keeping the mechanical aspect of the steering with the hydro muscle is the best idea. M-35tom seems to have way more knowledge and xperience than i do with this. my kit was in when i got the truck. (I AM NO HYDRAULIC GURU BY ANY MEANS) what i did find is that c-c equp sells a...
  6. crazywelder72

    Power Steering Pump Pics

    I dont know the answer to your questions. I didn't source out the pump and never had any reason to mess with it to verify pressures. Here is a pic from the back of the pump.
  7. crazywelder72

    Power Steering Pump Pics

    good luck.. and have fun
  8. crazywelder72

    Power Steering Pump Pics

    i have 2 single ended rams... i didn't install the system... it was this way when i bought the truck. yes when the belt fails i can still turn the wheels but only when i am rolling. 90˚ intersections become more like a 2 point turn because i can only muscle so much. its not fun at all but it...
  9. crazywelder72

    Power Steering Pump Pics

    A few weeks back my power steering belt popped and must have tweaked the bracket holding the pump. Its been throwing belts ever since. I am getting ready to rip out the radiator to have access to the front of the motor to get accurate measurements to mount it inline again. I am looking for...
  10. crazywelder72

    Oil pressure regulator

    i ended up replacing my electrical gauge/sender with a mechanical gauge that actually has a tube that runs back to the block. problem solved.
  11. crazywelder72

    Passanger Seat air ride

    I was wondering has anyone been able to modify the passenger bench seat to be a air-ride? Eventually i would like to upgrade the drivers seat but i would want to do something on the passenger side. I just don't want to loose the bench and have a single bucket on the passenger side.
  12. crazywelder72

    Ryan's Deuce build

    Thats cool. I could see if my alt was dead and i was in the market for a new one to get one of those.
  13. crazywelder72

    no power?

    very easy to bypass but you should install a pyrometer as soon as possible to prevent running the motor/exhaust temps too hot.
  14. crazywelder72

    Death of a Multifuel

    my bad
  15. crazywelder72

    Death of a Multifuel

    no problem
  16. crazywelder72

    What 13K$ In LED Tail Lights Looks Like.

    i would love to see the uav pics. i miss seeing all the thermal footage taking out the bad guys.
  17. crazywelder72

    RI Quonset Point Show:

    I'll be missing it... Martyn, do you need a hand loading up the winch?
  18. crazywelder72

    My M35A2 went though Hurricane Isaac and needs help

    YOU DID THE RIGHT THING!!! And it never hurts to talk to your town about some "help" since you helped out the community in a time of need. Even if its just the use of a garage or a town mechanic to help. I am sure people will say differently but if yours is a multifuel..... then the cost of...
  19. crazywelder72

    Painting an Air Force Deuce

    Flat Black It's better for hunting zombies.
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