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  1. trukhead

    M1008 CUCV Hot Rod Project L92 engine 6L80e transmission Swap

    I am bringing this thread out of retirement! CUCV the hot rod truck is operable and tame as a fed contented jaguar! Ggeesh does it have speed! It is very driveable and mannerly. pictures to come very soon and a youtube video. Would I do it if I knew then what I know now? oh Heck Yes! One...
  2. trukhead

    Modern Russian Army in the photos.

    Privet USSR! Great to see you posting again! I always enjoy your posts! I came back when I saw your thread notification in the email. I am going to post some videos of my CUCV engine swap soon. trukhead
  3. trukhead

    M1008 CUCV Hot Rod Project L92 engine 6L80e transmission Swap

    The engine package was about $6,300 ish with basic ECM Flash and harness trim. There is about $2,300 in parts and exhaust as well. But it was easy to go with the new fuel tank and exhaust and other parts!
  4. trukhead

    M1008 CUCV Hot Rod Project L92 engine 6L80e transmission Swap

    hOWDY fOLKS! It's been a while, life happens! The CUCV L92-6L80E is an unprecedented success! Pictures and operation videos to follow very soon! The exhaust was bent up for the truck and sounds nice. It's dual all the way back to megaflow performance mufflers. The truck has a nice bark to it...
  5. trukhead

    M1008 CUCV Hot Rod Project L92 engine 6L80e transmission Swap

    LOL! The engine in the crate is a 2008 L92 6.2 gas with it's factory mated 6l80e 4 x 4 tranny out of a 2008 Denalli truck. Spalding Auto reprogrammed the ECM and trimmed the factory wiring harness all of which came from one donor truck, the Denalli. The programming is all factory fuel maps...
  6. trukhead

    M1008 CUCV Hot Rod Project L92 engine 6L80e transmission Swap

    More Details! Evldoer did a bit of checking with the VOM and got power to the Fuel Solenoid and 24 volts to the Distribution Block. One glow plug heated a bit. Disconnected the glow plug power to the solenoid. The diesel engine runs and doesn't smoke a bit and no unusual knocky noises, Dang...
  7. trukhead

    M1008 CUCV Hot Rod Project L92 engine 6L80e transmission Swap

    I have enjoyed the CUCV around the farm and really like the old school truck! I have bought a few of them, some good some parts trucks and some junk! I feel the need for speed so an inspiration dawned upon my humble self after a suggestion from Evldoer here on SteelSoldiers and a ride in a...
  8. trukhead

    Scratchbuilt 1/8 scale M915A1

    A suggestion for the load for your 5 ton: a tank! For the Awesome Sauce that this project is! Always fun to log in and see this thread when an update notification arrives! I think part of the fun is the effort of that pesky radiator! You will have much satisfaction when you build it to your...
  9. trukhead

    CUCV alternators - I'm still confused

    One of these on the drivers side (chassis ground): http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/ULT1/7135212/01468.oap?year=1977&make=Cadillac&model=DeVille&vi=5000182&ck=Search_alternator_5000182_-1&keyword=alternator and another one of these WITH THE ISOLATED GROUND LUG INSTALLED IN PLACE OF THE...
  10. trukhead

    M923A2 Doing 80 MPH!!

    :shrugs::driver:I got my M35A3 up to 75 Mph with the tires it had on it. Oh wait, truck was on a drop deck trailer being pulled by a big old Ford tractor on the interstate when we did the recovery. Now I drive it about 45 MPH every where. I only go on back country roads. Speed is commensurate...
  11. trukhead

    Meet Mr Rusty

    Great work! It looks like you saved it before the abyss arrived. I am happy to hear these are tough ole birds. I am hope full for the CUCV I wish to keep and utilize.
  12. trukhead

    Extremely Negative Experience - Jared at Ft Carson CO

    As best as I can follow this situation, you took the appointments available to you and Jared did not honor what his employer assigned as an appointment time. So GL reneged on their assignation, they did not deliver on goods you paid for. Tell your credit card the entire situation and have them...
  13. trukhead

    CUCV's banned in WI

    Read this Thread: http://www.steelsoldiers.com/showthread.php?104453-Good-Change-Coming-In-Wisconsin It was the work of these individuals and people communicating to their elected shills oops I mean politicians to let their views known! All WisDot wanted to do was legislate by administrative...
  14. trukhead

    5.9l Cummins in M35A3

    I would consider the 4BT in front of the Allison tranny. I heard of a guy installing a 4BT in some GM body and running 10 second quarter miles with it after modifications. I think the 6bt and especially the 4 bt would respond well to the rev range of the A3 gearing. I would try it in mine if...
  15. trukhead

    M1008 is it worth putting a turbo on?

    Yours is a spectacular truck! The C turbo is perfect for the 6.2. It has a perfect whistle and the engine sounds like it has found a perfectly sized turbo! What a great mate-up!!:D
  16. trukhead

    M1008 is it worth putting a turbo on?

    I have been pondering the same question. The solution for me would be a Cummins 4BT engine swap. It has more power stock, It can be modified easily and I heard it will rev to 3,200 and like it all day long. That is a perfect solution to a turbo 400 tranny and 4.,56 gears with stock or HUMMVV...
  17. trukhead

    M35a3 rim leaking

    Wehring recommended to me to use this product liberally between the rim halves, on the O-ring and the air filler pipe grommet. http://freylube.com/ It seems to seal leaks and imperfections as well as seal metal from rust supporting moisture.
  18. trukhead

    Hearing Protection - An often overlooked safety concern

    I am hoping the M35A3 I have has gone a long way in the direction of noise abatement. It seems to be a very quiet truck and I don't rev it high as well. After reading this thread it seems that foam ear plugs will be a greater part of my fashionable wardrobe when driving and shooting and perhaps...
  19. trukhead

    Hearing Protection - An often overlooked safety concern

    Thanks for posting this video. I wonder if the tapered foam plugs would have helped somewhat? Hope help with your hearing is on your horizon.
  20. trukhead

    HMMWV's for sale, no longer maybe, it happened

    Ok, I 'm puttin my order in: I want a HMMWV: with absolutely no armor, early model, lighter the better with roof, doors and decent running condition, Most of all I want it street titled so I can go to town and pickup supplies to slop the hogs and feed the chickens. Please release a big bunch of...
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