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  1. 73m819

    Australia: Importing US MV's

    You know that tub would make a great MOBILE HOT TUB for a CLOSE COUPLE.
  2. 73m819

    Australia: Importing US MV's

    Neighbors were fine, a lot of big KIDS and there kids stopped by and looked at the herd, the LANDLOAD stopped by, she did NOT like the herd grazing on the front lawn so she REVOKED the grazing rights. I told her that the herd was CAMO and no body would see them, she was NOT amused, some people...
  3. 73m819

    Australia: Importing US MV's

    You are getting a GREAT truck, sorry to see part of the heard to go, caused a hole , any chance filling that hole, the rest of the HETS miss its brother.
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