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    Been awhile just a test. Hpwr
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    Steering, Tracking, Drift

    Hello to all, have a nice 1010 with no real issues, but one slightly aggravating one. One a straight road, (whether crowned or flat) I generally have to use a slight amount of left steering pressure / correction, if I don't a have a slight drift to the right. This is very minor, but always...
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    MEP-003A Main Circuit Breaker

    For those of you who might need one, or as a spare; Found one on Ebay, NOS, $25.00 including shipping; seller has more. I bought one and its the correct unit, Best deal I've found. Ebay #321857281440 No affiliation with seller. Steve Hpwr
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    Recoating Vinyl Trailer Tarps

    Was wondering if anyone has ever tried to recoat a Vinyl tarp with a spray on, or roll on product; say a flexible polyurethane product. I would like to try something like this and am looking for guidance. I have thinned some 100% polyurethane trailer caulking (don't remeber the exact brand, it...
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    All LED tailights sold as inoperative; I could not repair

    Hello all, Just bought a couple of Truck-Light "OmniVolt" all LED Stop / Turn / Blackout lights from an eBay vendor. Believe they fit the Hummer and M35 series, etc. Anyway no problem with the vendor who I've bought a lot of stuff from & been very pleased. I have a background in electronics...
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