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    M911 HET winch conversion

    Hello guys, I have found some Braden winches from a M911 HET , they are 45k rated Braden hydraulic winches , from a quick look seems that the hydro motor can be removed to convert them for PTO...Anyone familiar with these winches ?Are they any faster than the older regular Garwood drag winches...
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    Wrecker rear drag winch brake drum

    Hello guys, I have six 45k rear winches for rebuild ,all the brake drums are badly pitted , I have clean one on a lathe but I have to remove at least 2mm from it to have a nice smooth surface.The wear limit is very tight on these (from 5.503" to 5.497")...So can I still use them ? Thank you!
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    45k wrecker rear winch worm shaft removal

    Hello guys, I am trying to remove the worm shaft , I have try to hit it with a 4.5kg hammer (wood block used between shaft) but no go...I have read both TMs and they suggest different ways to remove the worm shaft :roll: Can anyone please share his own experience ? Also can anyone suggest a...
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    M1008 seat belt floor mount base bolt size ???

    Can anyone please share the specs of the bolts that secures the seat belt mount to the floor under the seat ? Both are missing on my truck ! Socket size , length and thread it would be awesome !!! Happy new year guys !
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    Wrecker rear winch worm shaft interchangeability and seals source...

    Hello to all forum members, I have tear down an M125 front winch (same as M543 wrecker rear 45k winch) this one is made by Garwood, the big brass gear is in very good condition , sadly the worm shaft is pitted in the contact area and also at the seals areas so it is junk.I found an very good...
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    M62 rear winch disassembly woes !

    Hello all !!! I am trying to remove the drum from an M62 wrecker rear Tulsa winch...I have remove several in the past and all came with almost no effort... But not this one...It is so badly stuck that after I have hit it hard with a large hammer (wood block between drum!) it moves very slowly...
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    Winch brass gear is black !

    Yep, I open the M125 winch (identical to wrecker rear winch) , I drain almost 12 liters of mixed black oil with grease and the bull gear is black in colour !!! I trying thinners on it but no luck the coating seems impossible to remove... -Any idea how to clean this ? - Maybe they have put...
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    M26 Pacific winch info needed !

    Dear fellow members, I am trying to find the actual weight of these winches (found 2000lbs w/o cable but I am not sure if this is correct)... Any help it would be just great! Thanks!
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    M125 winch stuck shear pin

    Hello to all, Recently I was bought an 45k Garwood winch from an M125 10 ton (M125s have an wrecker 45k lbs rear winch installed in the front with a smaller dia sprocket)... I am trying to remove the shear pin (it was intact not broken) with no luck : Even cotter pin was present , I have it...
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    weird no start issue (fuel related)

    Dear members, I am trying to start after some months my M1009 blazer , we do have fuel delivered until the fuel pump but the no further fuel delivery (read fuel pump bowl & injectors) we also have trying with the pump valve cover remover and pulling the fuel shut off trigger but again no...
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    5 ton winch roller fairlead assembly differences

    I am trying for some info about which series of trucks come from factory with aluminium ones and which with steel ones ? M39 series seems to have aluminium ones , not sure for the rest... TM 9-2320-260-34-2 (6/94) states the following : 16-5. FRONT WINCH ROLLER MAINTENANCE (Contd) NOTE...
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    M809 series truck front 20000lbs winch fairlead shaft

    NSN: 3040007409725 (3040-00-740-9725) Part Number: 7409725 Item Description: SHAFT,SHOULDERED Cage Code: 19207 Manufacturer: U S ARMY TANK AUTOMOTIVE COMMAND Please let me know if you have any available! Thank you
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    Old vs new 20k PTO winch

    I found one 5ton winch that its shaft end (from the pinion side) stick out of the housing and is also splined ??? Never seen that before...Any ideas about its use ?
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    Newbie winch Qs

    Hello to all, Looks like my destiny simply dont want to let me rebuild my winch :sad: I have all the parts stored at a friends shop but today we both realize that the worm gear housing has been scrapped by mistake... Find one here is more than impossible... Does anyone know the thickness of the...
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    D60 oil change and more !

    Hello to all, Today I was drain my D60 gear oil (looks nice no metal shavings in the magnet just something like grey sludge)! I has about 5L so this also looks correct. Altough I have two rookie question(s) for you : I plan to have the front diff cover powdercoated but inside the magnet is...
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    PTO identification

    Hello to all ! I found this PTO recently at a military scrap yard. There is no ID tag on it , any help it will be great ! All the bearings and bolts are german made... Thanks, G.
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    Front axle spindles issue

    Hello to all, I get a front axle , after tear down the spindles looks bad : the bearings can be removed with hand and one of them is badly scored after the threads from maybe a loose bearing ? I will try to post some pics tomorrow... Any opinion is welcome if they are fixable (like weld and...
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    Mystery winch

    Hello to all, Today I found this rebuilt winch. Looks like a Deuce winch but does not have the three holes at each side to bolt the cable guides ? Thank you, G.
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    Axle housing differences ;

    Hello to all, Can anyone please shed any light if there is some difference(s) in the axle housing ; I think some of them have the drain plug more recessed ? Thank you, G.
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    Mystery PTO (maybe YOU can identify it !)

    Hello to all, I found today this old Spicer/Dana PTO. It is marked Dana/Spicer HNJ 6 13 and at the casting C1P91. Thank you for your time spent reading this, G.
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