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    MRAP Rims on a Deuce bolt question

    I finally got around to mounting the MRAP Rims on the Deuce. Based on some reading here i reached out to Copper State Bolt and nut as they seem to have a good price. It takes 10 - 1 inch bolts for each to mount the adapter plates to the rim. The rim measured 1 1/4 thick plus the 3/8 Adapter...
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    M-817 Dump Charging issue

    Hi Guys, So My dump isn't charging. LEECE -NEVILLE A001 3002 AE 60 Amp alt. Ill explain what I did and hopefully some one can help out a bit. I started by reading the TM related to the charging system. Test 3 & 4 which is power is present to the wire at the alt with ign switch On and test 4...
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    bus chassis frame under a Deuce

    I have been following many of the mods to benifit the deuce on many threads. I found a 98 bus with a DT466 manual tranny and hydraulic brakes. I am wondering what the thoughts are of actually using the chassis frame and maybe the firewall portion that contains the pedals and steering support...
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    First Project Truck.

    Hi Team. I have several trucks i bought back in 2000-2005. I finally retired and want to start working on them. I wanted to do somethng with one of the M35a2s to start using to camp and daily driver. I have been following and reading many of the threads for some time now. Has anyone just...
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