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  1. greenjeepster

    Half way there.

    So this weeks marks the half way point for the 4000 hmmwvs approved for sale on the Govplanet contract. I haven't heard of any others getting released as of yet, hopefully some more will come out of service and into public hands. They are selling them faster than I was anticipating, if they keep...
  2. greenjeepster

    Help with sporadic flashers

    I have flashers and turn signals that seem to be sporadic and need ideas on tracking down the problem. At first only the L side was flashing, R side stayed on solid. Then it went to neither side flashing and I figured I needed a new flasher unit. I went out yesterday to change it out and...
  3. greenjeepster

    Fox news misleads again. Thought some here might like to read this article... some of the comments afterwards are priceless.
  4. greenjeepster

    I have no words???? Tax dollars at work??

    Anybody else see this Govplanet hmmwv that sold yesterday?
  5. greenjeepster

    HUMVEE EXPORT going into production

    The long time slang for the HMMWV is going into production under the authorization of AM General. Basically they are bringing back the Hummer under a different name with a far higher price tag. Starting at $168,000, welcome the Humvee C series. The first production models will roll off the line...
  6. greenjeepster

    Where are all the HMMWVs going?

    I am kinda surprised that there don't seem to be that many for re-sale. They have auctioned almost a quarter of what the are approved to sell already. I have a program set up on craigslist that notifies me when a new one is posted, nation wide there are only a handful listed on craigslist, there...
  7. greenjeepster

    When do we get a Hmmwv hotrod forum?

    I am waiting for the lifted, stretched, bobbed, quad steer threads to start popping up.
  8. greenjeepster

    Holy Cow Batman.... GL HMMWVS

    Who else was watching the overhauled HMMWVs that GL had listed? I can't understand who would pay that kind of money for one. These are still no title, off road use trucks. Unless another defense contractor bought them for export? Even then did they leave any room for profit margin? After taxes...
  9. greenjeepster

    Changing soft top, canvas color.

    My hmmwv had a tan top and camo cargo cover. I wanted them to sort of match so I changed the color of the tan top to green. Pretty simple to do and with a little practice you can make it look pretty decent. Ideally I would have removed the canvas prior to painting, but I just sprayed in place...
  10. greenjeepster

    Slantback sold last week at auction.

    I didn't think GP was going to be selling the slant backs, but just noticed this one sold last week. It is really rough and 21K after fees seems like a lot to spend on a top. Most of the truck looks like scrap to me. Link if anybody wants to look at the item listing...
  11. greenjeepster

    Be Sure to call and confirm pickup schedules for Govplanet....

    Yesterday I called and made an appointment with a guy named "Lee" at govplanet for pickup this afternoon... he said no problem gave me the pickup address and a time frame to have the truck company arrive. I decided to call back and confirm today seeing as the truck is on the road and I didn't...
  12. greenjeepster

    New England to Georgia or vise-versa. Transport Available.

    I am headed to GA in early May with a box truck and have room for small goods if anybody needs anything picked up and delivered along the route I95 corridor. I am driving a reefer so if for some reason it needs to be kept cool that is possible too. Truck is completely empty south bound...
  13. greenjeepster

    M998 from Orrtown PA to Southbury CT.

    Before I book with a logistics broker I figured I would put it out on here and see if anybody wants earn some cash and move a Hmmwv for me about 300 miles? I prefer it be trailered and not tow bar. I would also like the canvas taken off and folded up before transport. I am awaiting EUC so the...
  14. greenjeepster

    Govplanet active auction current bid updates?

    Does anybody else have issues with current bids not updating? I have tried to view on my computer and my phone and have the same issue each time. Until the item closes it only shows minimum bid. So if I bid on an item it will let me bid minimum and just says I was outbid. It doesn't update my...
  15. greenjeepster

    How useful is Govplanet oil/ fluid analysis info to us as buyers?

    I noticed that GP is doing oil analysis on some of the trucks they are selling, but not on all of them. I understand when they note that fluids were drained and they could not start, but on the rigs that they did test run why would they not report analysis results on all of them? After comparing...
  16. greenjeepster

    What did they do to this beauty?

    Any speculation on what happened to this one? I am thinking it was launched through the air and blew the suspension out when it landed. We certainly can't blame a GL forklift for this one. I am also curious why it was worth so much, when some runners are not selling at 10 K? *photo attributed...
  17. greenjeepster

    HMMWVs going to public auction.

    Has anybody else been hearing rumors that the ban on auctioning HMMWVs to the general public is about to be lifted? I have been told that unarmored surplus HMMWVs will be released to public auction in the very near future, but they will be sold as off-road use only and no SF-97 will be issued...
  18. greenjeepster

    May need loadout help from Ft Dix on M105 and M101 trailers

    I have to schedule loadout for two trailers out of Ft Dix, but just found out this morning I need surgery. The surgery has screwed up my loadout plans. I am hoping that somebody near there can retrieve these and hold them for me until I can get them. Any takers? Looks like loadouts can only be...
  19. greenjeepster

    Progressive Insurance on a deuce.

    So here is the deal with Progressive. I insured my first deuce with them in 2009 on my personal car policy and in a few months they dropped the deuce. I added it back on a farm policy which was later canceled. I have since been going back and forth with them because I wanted to stay with the...
  20. greenjeepster

    Friction Modifiers in Automatic trans fluid?

    In an effort to prevent another thread from spinning off track I am moving the conversation to alternative fuels. A comment was made about the Friction Modifiers in ATF being to increase friction in the transmission and grip of the clutches, and because of that friction increase, it will destroy...
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