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  1. BadRobot

    Trailer Insurance

    Did your guys buy insurance for your trailer(s)? I went to renew my trailer registration and I told DMV that I didn't have insurance card for the trailer but I had insurance policy with me. DMV told me that the tow vehicle insurance should cover the trailer. I went to Allstate, the agent said...
  2. BadRobot

    Is it the M Gator?

    I just acquired a John Deere Gator 6x4 from Military Surplus. Then I looked up PIN to find out what year it is so I can order the correct part replacements. However, my PIN W006X4D041142 is out of range. Is it PIN for M-Gator? John Deere Gator manufactured year from serial number lookup...
  3. BadRobot

    MEP-804A Engine starts but stops when MASTER SWITCH is released from START position

    I have MEP-804A for over a year now. It started and ran fine. I tried to start it today. 1. There are no fault indicator. All lights are lit when press the test button and go off when release the button, 2. When the master switch is in prime/auxiliary fuel, I can hear the fuel pump. 3. When...
  4. BadRobot

    Pick up a pallet at GL Oklahoma City, OK

    I won a GL auction which located in Oklahoma City, OK. The pallet size is 52" x 47" x 27"(L x W x H), weight 1,250lbs. What is the best way to ship it without going there by myself? Can someone pick it up and drop it off at Terminal for me (I will pay for your time and transportation). Is...
  5. BadRobot

    Tobyhanna Army Depot, PA

    I have to pick up a shelter at Tobyhanna Army Depot, PA. I have a couple questions. 1. Will do I need a sponsor to get a pass to get in? If I do need one, will GL provide one? 2. There is any commercial or truck gate? Since I have to pull a trailer. Some visitor center does not allow trailer...
  6. BadRobot

    HMMWV Overland / cross country driving - Service?

    I am just curious how you use your HMMWV? Did you take it cross country or overland adventure or something like that? My only concern is maintenance and service. If it broke down on the side of the road, where do you find a repair shop? I usually fix or do thing myself at home. However, I...
  7. BadRobot

    Commercial Pick Up

    If you cannot get into any military bases, only option you have is hire a commercial carrier to pick it up for you? Is it true? That would not be economical thing to do. Beside, you need to be a retiree to take time to deal with GP or almost beg them to get your item.
  8. BadRobot

    Fort Dix, NJ Commercial Gate

    Does anyone know where is Fort Dix, NJ Commercial Gate? I could not local on the map. Thanks,
  9. BadRobot

    MEP-802A has power at the convenient outlets but no power at the terminals.

    My MEP-802A has power at the convenient outlets. However, it has no power at the terminals. The unit sets as 120V 1PH at DC CONTROL POWER circuit breaker. Frequency sets at Frequency Adjust Control. VM-AM transfer switch sets at 3 O'clock (L3-L1/1). Did I miss anything? Where...
  10. BadRobot

    Hmmwv m1123

    I recently noticed that most of M1123 come without tailgate, windshield glass and with RED DOT A/C but disassemble. Is it part of demilitarizes? Where you find a tailgate and windshield glass?
  11. BadRobot

    MTV / LMTV crew cab / 4-doors

    Is it possible to convert MTV / LMTV to crew cab / 4 doors? Will the cab lifting mechanism support the weight of the new cab? I am working on converting a MTV / LMTV to a overland vehicle but I need 4 seats for my family. Any suggestions / inputs are greatly appreciated. Best regards,
  12. BadRobot

    MEP-802A GenSet. What are they for?

    What are they for, 1 and 2? I saw a couple MEP-802A or MEP803A on a trailer has these.
  13. BadRobot

    Combat Operations Center Trailer Technical Manuals

    I just won a 2006 Schutt Power Distribution Trailer as see in pictures. The only info I have is "Combat Operations Center". Does anyone know where to get any technical manuals? I google base on info on the plate with no luck. Thank you for any assistants you can provide.
  14. BadRobot

    Cherry Point, NC Pickup

    Did someone pickup item(s) at Cherry Point, NC with GP before? What experience do you have with POC there? Here is my experience. I won an item and had to pick it up at Cherry Point, NC. I made a payment for the item and asked a customer service to schedule for a pickup. The CS said I had...
  15. BadRobot

    Back Up again from GP auction?

    I just curious. I bided on M1102 trailer and I did not win. The selling price was $1,3xx. A couple months later, it showed up on GP listing again. Then bided on it. I did not win the second time. The selling price was $9.xx. Then the same M1102 showed up the following week. I bided on it...
  16. BadRobot

    M1123 Purchase Experience

    Did anyone purchase HMMWV M1123 from GL? I saw GL listed as daily deal. I have a couple questions since I am considering to purchase one. May be GP representative here can clarify for me. 1. Should it subject to 10% fee as other regular auction items? 2. X-doors in 4-man configuration are...
  17. BadRobot

    Bedrug Bed Liner

    Have anyone installed Bedrug in M1101/M1102? I have one M1101 and one M1102. I was thinking to spray on bed liner, like Line-X. However, it will cost $500-$600 each. So I am thinking to install generic Bedrug which costs $105 each. I will need at least 2 to cover the floor or the most is 4...
  18. BadRobot

    M1101/M1102 cost

    I usually see M1101/1102 costs $8995 (based on GP sticker). However, my M1102 shows $10,810. What is special about this M1102? Additional, demil : Q. What demilitarize has to do with this trailer. It looks brand new to me.
  19. BadRobot

    Touch-up Paint for M1102

    Can someone help me identify what color and paint number for my M1102 that I got from USMC Portmouth, VA, please? I ordered Rapco-34094 "383 Green but it did not match. I think it is more gray than green. Thanks.
  20. BadRobot

    Strange M1101/M1102 Cargo Cover ??

    What type of cover is it? Can I remove rack/shelf and use it like regular cargo cover? It seems to me that the cover is more rigid than regular one. I just want to put rooftop tent on it. It might have advantages to setup as overland trailer since it has built-in shelf.
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