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  1. J

    Crosley powered generator

    Does anyone know the model number of or have a Crosley engine powered genset to sell?
  2. J

    new oddball willys toy

    Picked up an oddball Willys at the show today in Phoenix. It is a Navy 62 DJ3A. It is rough, but it drives and most of it works. Best thing is, it doesn't fit the descriptions of a DJ on a search. It is a flatfender with tailgate, L134 and 3 on the tree. Has 15" 5 bolt wheels. Under the paint...
  3. J

    27th annual Arizona Military Vehicle Show

    27th annual Arizona Military Vehicle Show Jan 27-28 January 27-28 2018
  4. J


    Is there a way to bulk unsubscribe from threads without going through them one at a time?
  5. J

    Painting canvas

    The covers on my truck (Canvas) have faded to nearly white from our intense sun. What recommendations do you have for a brand/type of paint to use to bring it back to color that won't just flake off? The covers are not waxed or rubberized canvas. They were treated 2 years ago with the Canvak...
  6. J

    FM broadcast reception on RT70?

    Can anyone explain how I am able to receive most of the local broadcast FM stations on an RT 70? And clear and readable, to boot. I don't get them on my Heathkit Receiver tuned to the same band in the same room. Very weird.
  7. J

    Transfer case trouble

    Nevermind. Got it handled.
  8. J

    AHMTA Show 3/25-26/2017 (Arizona)

    Show and open house at CAF Falcon Field, Mesa AZ.
  9. J

    RT70 power module needed

    Does anyone know where to find the power module for the RT70 radio set? Mine has a 12 volt plug in and I would like to make it 24. Thanks in advance.
  10. J

    editing own posts

    Why can I no longer edit my posts? Mistyped something with this stupidphone and can't correct it.
  11. J

    correct lube for Braden LU4 winch

    Since there seems to be much vodoo and confusion in the selection of oil for the winches, I decided to research it during the course of my rebuild. After reading all the claims and snake oil, the advocacy of greases, specialty lubes and common lubes, I went to the source for a recommendation...
  12. J

    Latest Accesory for the M37

    Finally got the one accessory for my truck that I always felt it was missing. An M14 to go in the rifle mount. Now to find a couple bandoliers to hang off a corner. Might even get the winch rebuild finished this weekend and get it back on the truck. Anyone who thinks an LU4 is expensive to buy...
  13. J

    Phoenix to Prescott on dirt

    A group of us are planning on running up to the Prescott Antique Auto show first weekend of August. Since we are "speed challenged" we are taking the scenic dirt route. (7 Springs to Bloody Basin to Goodwin via Mayer and up the Senator Hwy into town. Anyone else wants to join us is welcome. We...
  14. J

    faux 890. Am I nuts?

    I have an M37 and an M38 so I have some real MVs, but the paint has once again died on my 90 D250 CTD. I'm done painting it expensive clear coated finishes. I have the patterns for the 70's camo and I also have a gallon of the correct 70's lusterless gray for the Navy. I think I'm going to make...
  15. J

    VWM Harness warning

    A heads up for anyone who has a VWM harness that they bought in the last year and a half. I bought one 16 months ago and installed it 14 months ago. It looked great and fit correctly. As it should for the price paid. However, now that it has a bit over a year on it, ALL of the rubber grommets...
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