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    FLU419 transmission question

    I've noticed that my FLU419 is getting harder and harder to shift into 1st and 3rd gear. It doesn't seem to go completely into those two will pop out if I don't hold the gear shift. Is there a shift fork or some sort of linkage that can cause this? I drive the thing quite...
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    419 Hydraulic Oil question

    My small hydraulic tank is low (yes, I have a few leaks I need to fix) and I need to get more oil. I've looked at the lubrication manual and it calls for OE/HDO-10. I've searched online and on this site and I believe it is SAE 10W hydraulic oil. I then searched and found what appears to be an...
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    Need front loader hydraulic valve for my FLU419

    I've searched EVERYWHERE and can not find the valve I need for my 419. I actually only need the small square detent spring cover on the back of the valve body, but I'm assuming I'll need to purchase the whole valve to get it. Here is a picture of my valve unit....the part I need was replaced...
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