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    MEP 803a failure

    I just listed my 803 in the classifieds if you want a parts donor. It ran great for 3 storms (approx 50 hours since I bought it) and then blew a head gasket. I pulled the head, and there is more engine damage than I want to deal with - scoring on #1 cylinder and rod bearing. It was making...
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    Looks like you guys build some pretty cool stuff!
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    MEP-803A Cylinder Head Removal Question

    Ouch - thanks for the info - I saw them and decided to go ahead and get the full set since it comes with push rod bushings, manifold gaskets, etc. Fortunately, they didn't fold it into the mailbox.
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    MEP-803A Cylinder Head Removal Question

    Haven't gotten it totally disassembled yet - engine looks near new from the outside - I've got a lot of irons in the fire right now, so hopefully can get it torn down the rest of the way next weekend. Since each of the intake and exhaust manifold bolts weren't torqued the same as their...
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    MEP-803A Cylinder Head Removal Question

    Understood- I just wanted to figure out what caused it to fail- were the bolts improperly torqued to begin with?
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    MEP-803A Cylinder Head Removal Question

    Blew head gasket when load testing. Have put a hundred hours on it since I bought it two years ago- no issues until now. Shut it off less than a minute after it failed.
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    MEP-803A Cylinder Head Removal Question

    Thanks for the tips - I've already pulled the manifolds, since that's what the manuals said. I may stick them back on since what you're saying makes sense. Also I think I'm going to torque the head bolts before I remove them to see whether they were properly done to begin with since it's a low...
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    MEP-803A Cylinder Head Removal Question

    Question for anyone who has removed an LPW4 cylinder head..... I have read the Lister-Petter, as well as the military service manuals on engine teardown. They are both fairly detailed on the step by step process to remove the cylinder head, however neither one mentions removal of the water pump...
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    Need Help Identifying Engine

    No expert here, either - but your riddle intrigued me so I called my buddy "Google" and I think I may have won the drawing. Check it out - I think you have an F134 there.
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    Here we go again , lol !

    Extra step??
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    Hurricane Florence

    Well, carp. I was load testing the generator tonight - everything was looking good - ran at 50 percent for a half hour or so, went to 75 percent and blew the head gasket. UGH. Hopefully it won't be needed for these next few storms. Good news is it looks to be a fairly simple job (as compared to...
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    Hurricane Florence

    Hotel reservations made for Thursday, Friday nights - hopefully can cancel them Wednesday. Am due for a load test on the genny - will do that tonight. Reviewing evacuation checklists. We left for Irma, stayed during Matthew, but won't think twice about leaving our marsh front home if a Cat 3 or...
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    My Jenny's been keeping a dirty little secret from me.....

    Stay safe - Grayson wasn't nearly as developed when he passed my way - we only had freezing rain and sleet with 10 mph winds for most of the day yesterday. Now the sun's out and it's back in the 40's. Roads are clear now and the ice has fallen off the trees.
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    My Jenny's been keeping a dirty little secret from me.....

    These generators continue to amaze me - this generator was outside working like a beast in the middle of Hurricane Irma, and there is no sign of that dirt inside ever having gotten wet (other than maybe a few drizzle trails down the bulkhead at the top of the picture). Definitely will get to...
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    My Jenny's been keeping a dirty little secret from me.....

    Thanks for all the tips. Jenny served us well again yesterday, as we were without power for around 12 hours in the ice storm caused by Grayson as it passed by heading north. I buttoned everything back up as-is until I can get enough time (hopefully warmer time) to do it properly.
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    My Jenny's been keeping a dirty little secret from me.....

    Yesterday, I pulled the top cover over the control panel for the first time and got a surprise. Although they did a pretty good job of cleaning her up when she had a Reset (see picture on left), she's still carrying some remnants of her former life. She ran great through Hurricane Irma, and has...
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    New from north Georgia.

    Welcome to the group - from South Georgia!! Thank you for your service - Semper Fi
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    Oh the Irony!

    Too bad they don't have enough emergency power to at least keep flight operations moving. I'm sure there will be many discussions on how to prevent a repeat of this in the future.
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    I think I got lucky buying a Mep803A form auction!

    Welcome to the group!! I also had to deal with a little flak from the Missus - until Hurricane Irma arrived to south Georgia. When everyone else was without power, my sweet Genny had us with full lights, A/C, hot showers, internet, and TV - during the worst of the storm. After it was over, Momma...
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    Hello from Sweden.

    I did a quick search and found these: Looks great - welcome aboard. I hope you get the opportunity to acquire one - I'll certainly look forward to reading about your build.
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