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    MEP-803A Cylinder Head Removal Question

    Question for anyone who has removed an LPW4 cylinder head..... I have read the Lister-Petter, as well as the military service manuals on engine teardown. They are both fairly detailed on the step by step process to remove the cylinder head, however neither one mentions removal of the water pump...
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    My Jenny's been keeping a dirty little secret from me.....

    Yesterday, I pulled the top cover over the control panel for the first time and got a surprise. Although they did a pretty good job of cleaning her up when she had a Reset (see picture on left), she's still carrying some remnants of her former life. She ran great through Hurricane Irma, and has...
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    MEPs and Hurricane Irma

    Well, it's generator test time. For real. Power went out 3 hrs ago - fired off the MEP803 I bought last year during Hurricane Matthew. She's purring just fine - even in the torrential rain and tropical storm strength wind. Praying for the folks in Florida - anyone else giving their genny's a...
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    Couple of MEP-803a questions

    After trolling this site for several years, I am the proud owner of my first MEP genset ( ) I picked her up just in time for Hurricane Matthew (made the pickup while we were evacuated), got her home and inspected, topped all fluids...
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    Which trailer(s) would be suitable for mounting my MEP-803a to??

    I just got my new (to me) MEP-803a serviced and checked out - and want to pick up a trailer for it. I know a common pairing is with a M116, but wanted to get some more experienced feedback on which other trailers to consider - in case I found one at a good (cheap) price. Was looking at the M104...
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