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    FMTV Van VIN starts with "V", does yours?

    My 1994 LMTV van has a VIN number that starts with a "V" but the other LMTVs start with "AT". This is causing considerable problems because the VIN number is being rejected by several insurance companies with which I have done business. The company that insured 3 other LMTVs for me (VIN is...
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    Various dates on an LMTV M-1079

    Built 1994, delivered 1996, but box (of M-1079) built 1998. How can that make sense? Would a chassis be delivered and a box added later? If the box was added as an upgrade to an existing chassis, the truck chassis would have been a 1078, seems like.
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    FMTV change in speedometer models, types?

    The speedometer in my 1994 M-1078 [A0] has always been way off on speed and Odo reading. Working behind the dash on another project I decided to swap out the speedometer. The old speedo is not the same as a 1996 model. The original speedo is not programmable like the replacement is. There...
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    Power Distribution Panel repair

    Has anyone had to replace terminals in the PDP? I burned one of the terminals where CB-79 plugs in due to a shorted wiring harness (still chasing it). The terminal is attached to the 24v buss-bar that runs along the rear, feeding the whole strip of 24v CB's. That buss-bar is covered with a...
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    Please help identify an FMTV manual

    This loose-leaf paper copy training manual is for the FMTV series trucks, but the model is not specified on the prints. The 50 plus page manual breaks out the truck systems, each on a page or two, not spread all over ‘30’ or more pages as is done in the manuals we have in the archives. Anyone...
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    CCKW Wheels on a G-221, M1 trailer

    My M1 trailer apparently has CCKW wheels on it. This info was gleaned from the G-503 forum. I do not have a spare. These wheels look like the wheels on an M-105 trailer and should be easier to find. So my question is can M-105 wheels, that is Deuce wheels, fit on my G-221? It looks like...
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    M1 Searchlight Trailer, G221, info and restoration to 'usable'

    As noted in another thread,, I have an M1 Searchlight trailer to restore to a usable condition. I don't plan to do a complete restoration to original though, too many parts and pieces missing off this trailer...
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    LMTV dash Voltmeter is bad

    My dash voltmeter in the LMTV dropped from 'correct' to 'not correct' on a trip. Turning off the truck indicates the 'not correct' reading is same as powered off. The voltmeter is dead. Just as a sanity check, the voltage was checked at alternator output, and is good. Tested at 24 v terminal...
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    LMTV dash Voltmeter is bad

    EDIT: This post appeared twice so I am deleting the contents of this copy. Maybe a Moderator can delete it completely?
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    Should I drive an LMTV with no waterpump belt a short distance?

    I want to move an LMTV on which the water pump is not turning (bad bearing and the belt is off). It will have coolant in it, just no circulation. Previous owner had been driving with the belt on with no over-heating, but with high risk of shaft failure. The truck needs to move to my shop...
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    1078 LMTV A0 windshield wiper

    The wiper blades on my LMTV just started 'parking' at the left side of the windshield instead of laying along the bottom of the windshield. This happened while on a longer drive. They don't just sort of stall there but come to a hard stop. This has to be related to the 'stop/park' switch on...
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    Performance: 3116 vs 3126 and WTECII vs WTECIII

    Performance: 3116 vs 3126 and WTECII vs WTECIII: Does anyone have personal experience driving those combinations, the changes that occurred about 1998? Were there 'crossovers', like 3116 with WTECIII, or 3126 with older WTECII? Did the switch from wired to a solder board PDP (power...
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    What trailer is this? Generator?

    I just got a small trailer that was possibly used for a generator. Does anyone recognize it? There are no data plates. I have searched SS and the web and do not find that small trailer with the details this one has, like the missing corners, no service brakes (has parking brakes), no lights...
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    FMTV turret cover gasket

    This heavy rubber gasket was found in the back of an LMTV when I got it. I had not seen one before. Is this a common item? Maybe it was used with the turret, not the cover? Hard to tell scale but it's over 4 ft in diameter, as is the turret port. Has anyone else run across one of these...
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    LMTV windshield wiper controller

    Has anyone found a source for the wiper controller, the black box on the left edge of the power distribution panel (PDP)? HELLA 5WG002 450-19, 24V The intermittent function has quit on my truck. Low and High speeds still work. At the plug on the motor, ground is good, 12v (low speed) is...
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    Bead Breaker for big tires, John Deere style

    I put this thread here because the Unimog tires are about the biggest we still have to break down the old fashion way. With half a dozen tires to de-bead there had to be an easy way. Here is the John Deere remote control micro adjustable bead breaker: The micro adjuster to get the wheel in...
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    M100 trailers, Military topper?

    Just bought these M-100's with toppers. One topper looks commercial, but has anyone seen a cover like this on a military trailer before? Searching does not find anything even similar. The trailer is a Dunbar Kapple dated 3/52. Also got another Dunbar Kapple made 4/52 (obvious handmade...
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    FMTV wheel valve leak

    Had an interesting troubleshooting experience today that might be useful to other FMTV owners. For several days the pressure on the air system has been dropping a little at night, requiring to be pumped up again the next morning. I had been unable to find the leak. Today the leak was worse...
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    LMTV Allison Transmission oil testing results

    Since acquiring the M-1078 well over a year ago the transmission lube has been tested 3 times. Maybe this information will be interesting to others with these trucks. The only materials that showed "interesting" levels were Copper and Iron. (values in ppm) 7/15/2015, iron 38, copper 153...
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    FMTV Power Distribution Panel PDP info

    While looking up some parts for the distribution panel, looks like the whole panel is made up of building-block components by Dill Blox, the same company that makes the diode modules on the PDP. These components are listed in their on-line catalog...
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